Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will say anything to stop immigration reform. At USA Today, Sen. Sessions (R-AL) desperately tried to tie immigration reform to the growing concern over income inequality. He argues — again — that reform is bad for American workers and the US economy.  Sessions and his... Continue »
In an article titled, “Immigration Overhaul Advocates Make Big August Push,” Holly Yeager of the  Washington Post writes: “An unusual alliance of advocates — including Internet moguls and evangelicals, representatives of big business and labor unions — is working across the country during the August congressional recess in an all-out... Continue »
Momentum is building for immigration reform. More than 100 top GOP donors signed a letter to Republican lawmakers this week, asking them to pass immigration reform that addresses the 11 million.  House Republicans are coming out in support of citizenship. But Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who fancies himself the... Continue »
Jeff Sessions did it again! Even though the Senate immigration bill passed last month in a 68-32 bipartisan vote, Sen. Jeff Sessions still LOVES slamming the bill as a 1000-page deadweight supported only by special interests. “We’ve heard from a lot of different special interest groups about what an... Continue »
When most of us think about Alabama and immigration, we think about Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Rep. Mo Brooks, State Senator Scott Beason and, of course, the viciously anti-immigrant law, HB 56, which Beason authored. But over the past several weeks, a very powerful pro-immigrant voice from Alabama has made himself heard: Rep.... Continue »
Yesterday, the Senate voted on the Corker/Hoeven “border surge” amendment.  As our Executive Director Frank Sharry noted:  The Corker-Hoeven border security amendment is terrible public policy and a bitter pill to swallow.  It would waste billions of dollars on useless border fencing and an excessive number of border patrol agents,... Continue »
Since the CBO score applauding the economic merits of immigration reform came out yesterday, Sen. Jeff Sessions has been working hard to try and discredit the score by claiming that its analysis is all wrong. “CBO did not provide enough information to assess the assumptions it made about the... Continue »
Congratulations, Jeff Sessions–you got your wish! For weeks now, the junior Senator from Alabama — and leading anti-immigrant voice in the Senate — has been complaining about the upcoming Congressional Budget Office score for the Senate Gang of 8 bill.  The CBO usually scores a bill for 10 years,... Continue »
This week, the Senate began debate on the immigration reform bill. If you’ve been watching, you’re seeing just how complicated the process in the Senate can be. It’s subject to a lot of delaying tactics and procedural games. As you can imagine, opponents of reform–led by Senator Jefferson Beauregard... Continue »
Cornyn Amendment Attacks Path to Citizenship, Rubio Moves Erode Trust in Him, Sessions Stalling Tactics Bring Senate Floor Process to a Crawl The Senate immigration reform debate began this week, ushered in by a resounding 84-15 vote on the Motion to Proceed.  Buoyed by polls that show broad bipartisan... Continue »