A group of 25 members of the United States House of Representatives filed a friend-of-the-court (amicus) brief to oppose Joseph Arpaio’s effort to vacate the guilty verdict in his criminal prosecution for contempt of court. President Trump issued a pardon of Arpaio for the criminal conviction. The brief was... Continue »
We Bid Adieu to Sheriff Joe Arpaio After His Loss in Arizona Senate Primaries In a new opinion piece for the New York Times, Michelle Cottle reflects on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s loss in last night’s Arizona’s Senate Republican primary. She writes, “For nearly a quarter-century, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was... Continue »
Today, all of the House Judiciary Committee Democrats wrote a letter to committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) asking that he investigate Trump’s pardon of sheriff-turned-convicted-criminal Joe Arpaio. It is the fifth request that committee Democrats have sent to the Chairman relating to oversight of the Trump Administration. Trump pardoned Arpaio last... Continue »
The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund in regards to Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Here’s a shock: the North Koreans are lobbing missiles; Mueller is ramping up the Russia investigation; and Hurricane Harvey is devastating the Texas coast. Time for... Continue »
After days of speculation, Donald Trump decided not to pardon former-Sheriff-turned-convicted-criminal Joe Arpaio last night in Phoenix, though signs suggest that clemency may still be coming. “I think going to be just fine,” Trump said. “I won’t tonight because I don’t want to cause any controversy.... Continue »
The ink is barely dry on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s criminal conviction for contempt of court — he hasn’t even been sentenced yet — but best buddy Donald Trump is reportedly already considering a pardon for Maricopa County’s deposed and disgraced lawman, possibly to be announced at Trump’s rally in... Continue »
Reminders that white nationalist and anti-immigrant movements are inextricably tied together The past few weeks have brought home for many what has been clear to us since day one: white nationalism is a persistent feature of this President and this Administration, not a bug. Ahead of President Trump’s speech in Phoenix tomorrow,... Continue »
Kris Kobach is one of the most influential people you’d probably never heard of, especially on immigration. On paper, he’s the Kansas Secretary of State, contender for the 2018 Kansas gubernatorial election, and Vice Chair of Donald Trump’s Commission on Election “Integrity”. But behind the scenes, he’s been the... Continue »
Arizona’s deposed Sheriff Joe Arpaio, once self-dubbed “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, was found guilty of criminal contempt today, capping off some ten years of legal efforts against Arpaio. The sheriff known for tent cities, forcing inmates to wear pink underwear, a fervently pugilistic anti-immigrant stance, and a belief that he... Continue »
According to an internal Department of Homeland Security assessment obtained by the Washington Post, Donald Trump is assembling his immigration enforcement infrastructure – and it sure looks like a mass deportation force. The assessment found 33,000 detention beds where future detainees could be held, looked into ending polygraph and... Continue »