California positioned itself as the “anti-Arizona” on immigration enforcement, with the TRUST Act passing the California Senate with a 21-13 vote. The bill now moves to the State Assembly, where it’s also expected to pass. Continue »
State Comes Full Circle from Prop 187 Days to Model Smart Immigration Enforcement Washington, DC – Yesterday, California took a key step in positioning itself as the “anti-Arizona” on immigration enforcement, with the state Senate passing a bill that would restore common sense to the proper role for states... Continue »
Major progress in the California State Senate this afternoon. We got the good news via twitter from National Day Labor Organizing Network’s (NDLON) Chris Newman: TRUSTACTpassed out of the California Senate — Chris Newman (@newman_chris) July 5, 2012 This bill is basically the antithesis of Arizona’s SB 1070. It’s designed... Continue »
With a 5-3 majority vote, yesterday, the Supreme Court sent a strong signal to the nation that Arizona’s anti-immigrant law is NOT a model for our country.  The ruling was a warning to other states not to follow in Arizona’s footsteps. While the Justices ruled that most provisions of... Continue »
At America’s Voice Education Fund, we have been strong critics of Secure Communities, the Obama Administration’s signature immigration enforcement program. We’ve noted that it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between Arizona’s draconian SB 1070 and the Obama administration’s tactics under Secure Communities. That’s how bad it is. The Secure Communities program... Continue »
The New York Times’ immigration-beat reporter, Julia Preston, wrote an important article today which confirms what we’ve known to be true: the Obama administration’s prosecutorial discretion program is not working: After seven months of an ambitious review by the Obama administration of all deportations before the nation’s immigration courts, very few... Continue »
The Obama administration’s Secure Communities program is making headlines again — and that’s never good. Secure Communities has played a key role in the Obama administration’s record-breaking number of deportations. Last year, PBS produced a documentary, Lost in Detention, that examined the controversial program. It’s must see for anyone concerned with... Continue »