Experts to Discuss New Poll Results and Implications for Upcoming Midterm and Presidential Elections Washington, DC – On a press call/webinar today, Matt Barreto, Co-Founder of Latino Decisions, and Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, discussed the results of a new nationwide poll of 600 Latino voters that provides fresh data on overall Latino voter… Continue »

Today on Jose Diaz Balart, Matt Barreto, Janet Murguia, and Frank Sharry previewed new America’s Voice polling on the power of the Latino Vote going into 2016. The poll will be released at 1pm this afternoon (Oct. 20). As you’ll see, Republican contenders are facing an uphill climb while, as Frank noted, Hillary Clinton has some work to do… Continue »

When President Obama announced that he was delaying his executive action on immigration, advocacy groups slammed his decision and pointed out that Democrats will be the ones to suffer — both in 2014 and 2016, when the Democratic presidential contender will have to mobilize Latino voters while confronting Obama’s record as the “Deporter-in-Chief”. Naturally, this makes Hillary… Continue »

This summer, DREAMers have put elected officials of both parties on notice, calling out Republicans for their votes against DACA and Democrats for the President’s recording-breaking deportations.  Hillary Clinton, though not an elected official, became their latest target when she visited the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa this weekend and met DREAMers who asked her about Obama’s immigration delay. “Yay” she said,… Continue »

WASHINGTON, DC  – El ciclo electoral 2016 arrancó —aunque las elecciones de 2014 todavía no llegan— y ya comenzó el desfile de potenciales aspirantes y mancuernas, de sondeos sobre favoritos y despreciados, además de que se desempolvan estrategias y promesas para comenzar a entusiasmar a los votantes, particularmente a aquellos con quienes hay deudas pendientes.… Continue »

Hillary Clinton was speaking at a Clinton Foundation forum for girls’ empowerment yesterday when a 19-year-old DREAMer told her story to the maybe-presidential contender, prompting Hillary to say that she’s a “huge supporter of immigration reform and a path to citizenship and will continue to advocate for that.” Nova, the DREAMer, fought back tears as… Continue »