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Pedro and Seleste

ICYMI: Noticias Telemundo Highlights Elyria Man’s Deportation in “Drama of a Family Broken In Two”

Wife Seleste: “I feel like my country turned its back on my family” Elyria, OH – Last night, the national Noticias Telemundo program aired an update on the Pedro Hernandez family, divided by a border after Pedro’s cruel deportation in September. It is a searing piece, highlighting how American citizens are being affected by Trump’s relentless deportation policy and demonstrating the excruciating … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Disability Rights Advocate Says Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez should have received stay of deportation

Cleveland, OH –  Last week, Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez, a father of four U.S citizen children and primary caregiver of a severely mentally and physically disabled young man, was deported. In response, Judy Mark, president and CEO of Disability Voices United, penned an op-ed for the Cleveland Plain Dealercondemning the cruel and senseless decision and explaining how deporting a caregiver harms … Continue reading »

Case Summary: Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez of Elyria, OH

Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez has lived in the United States for fifteen years. He is a devoted husband to his wife Seleste Wisniewski, a U.S. citizen, and father to four U.S. citizen children in Elyria, OH. Pedro and Seleste’s eldest son, Juan, suffers from severe intellectual disability and cerebral palsy. Pedro is Juan’s primary caretaker.  He is also … Continue reading »

Pedro Hernandez, Ohio Resident And Father Of Four, Allowed To Remain In The U.S.

An immigrant family in Ohio has plenty of reason to celebrate. Pedro Hernandez, one of the cases we’ve been advocating for since 2013, recently received news that his stay of deportation was no longer needed – as he is now considered a low-priority case for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That means that Pedro gets to … Continue reading »

PHOTOS: Hundreds Rally Outside of ICE Office in Cleveland to Demand Justice for Families Targeted for Deportation

Some Get Relief, Others Continue Painful Wait in Limbo President Obama decided to wait on immigration policy reforms until after the November mid-term elections.  But from now until November, scores of Ohio families—including many with U.S. citizen members–face imminent deportation.  Their lives simply cannot wait for an election to take place; they need action from … Continue reading »

Photos: Ohio Community Leaders Support Families Facing Imminent Deportation

President Obama decision to delay immigration policy reforms until after the November mid-term elections will result in the deportation of an estimated 70,000 people — including many with U.S. citizen members. These people simply cannot wait for an election to take place; they need action from the Obama Administration today. On Sunday, September 21st, members of Cleveland’s … Continue reading »

WATCH VIDEO: Seleste Asks President Obama Not to Deport Her Husband Pedro

It’s been a year since we stopped Pedro’s deportation. But when his renewal came up this year, immigration officials denied it and are trying deport him instead. Pedro could have been eligible for the relief President Obama had been considering, but now that he’s said he won’t act until the end of the year, Seleste … Continue reading »

The Faces of Delay: Executive Action Will Come Too Late for Families Facing Deportation

National Immigration Advocates and Ohio Families Decry Political Gamesmanship, Highlight Real Human Costs of Obama’s Delay To listen to a recording of today’s call, click here. With President Obama’s decision to delay executive action on immigration until after the November elections, the hopes of thousands of American families facing deportation were dashed. On a press … Continue reading »

NYT Profiles Ohio Family Who Represents Real-World Consequences of Obama’s Delay

Must-read today is Julia Preston’s New York Times story about Pedro, Seleste, and their children, an Ohio family that we’ve written about many times before.  Last weekend, President Obama announced that he would be delaying his long-anticipated executive action on immigration.  While many commentators have written about the political ramifications of this decision, the practical consequences mean … Continue reading »

As President Obama Weighs Delaying Executive Action on Immigration, Ohio Family Gets Devastating News from ICE

Pedro Ramirez is the Poster Child for Need for Bold, Consistent Executive Action TODAY With recent reports suggesting that the President will delay his executive action announcement on immigration until after the elections, one family in Ohio is paying the price for the White House’s inaction. After receiving a stay of deportation one year ago, … Continue reading »