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WATCH VIDEO: Seleste Asks President Obama Not to Deport Her Husband Pedro

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It’s been a year since we stopped Pedro’s deportation. But when his renewal came up this year, immigration officials denied it and are trying deport him instead. Pedro could have been eligible for the relief President Obama had been considering, but now that he’s said he won’t act until the end of the year, Seleste and Pedro are devastated.

But Seleste and Pedro aren’t giving up. She remembers the public outcry the last time the Obama Administration tried to deport Pedro, so she recorded this video making her case to the President himself.

As Seleste says in the video, “The only person that has the power to change this and turn this nightmare into a miracle is Obama.”

Watch Seleste’s message begging President Obama not to deport her husband below, then sign the petition to keep Pedro at home!

There’s so much at stake for this family — will you take a moment and help?

Send a message telling immigration officials in the Obama Administration to stop Pedro’s deportation now!