Why the President and Democrats Should Lean In Now, and Not Wait Until Later Despite the continued reports suggesting that the President may delay big executive action on immigration until after the November elections, the case for executive action from the White House gets stronger every day. According to... Continuar »
We know we’re winning the fight for President Obama to take executive action on immigration, but we wanted to hear directly from people affected why the President should act — and we ended up receiving hundreds of submissions from all across the country. We’re still reading through them, but they... Continuar »
Ohio Husband of U.S. Citizen and Caretaker of Son with Cerebral Palsy Remains in Limbo as Family Waits for Executive Action As the President prepares to take executive action on immigration in coming weeks, one Ohio family is hoping for news from the White House.  And soon. After being... Continuar »
At today’s Congressional briefing on American families in deportation, one of the speakers was Seleste Wisniewski, a mother of four whose husband Pedro was almost deported last year.  Pedro and Seleste’s oldest son, 24-year-old Juan, has severe cerebral palsy and is completely reliant upon others to take care of his most... Continuar »
Congressional Women’s Working Group on Immigration Reform and America’s Voice Education Fund Highlight the Painful Realities of our Broken Immigration System Neither Seleste Wisniewski nor Maria Perez ever thought she’d have to choose between her country and her husband.  But last year, these two women were forced to face... Continuar »
Just over five years into his presidency, President Obama is nearing his 2 millionth deportation, and a legacy where he will have deported more immigrants — mothers, fathers, siblings, and neighbors — than any other president in history. On Wednesday, February 5th at 10 AM ET, the Congressional Women’s... Continuar »
Cross-posted from Cleveland Plain Dealer: Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez is at home in Elyria with his family. This may not seem like a monumental statement, but for Pedro, Seleste and their children, it means everything. That’s because, until two weeks ago, the government was trying to deport Pedro. Despite the fact that... Continuar »
This week, we asked you to take action in order to stop the deportation of Pedro, an Ohio man who is father to four children and the primary caretaker of a son with cerebral palsy.  More than 7,000 people signed our petition, and thanks to your efforts, Pedro is... Continuar »
Family Celebrates and Thanks Supporters; Broad Immigration Reform Still Needed  Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez–husband, loving father of four, and primary caretaker of his oldest son, Juan, who has cerebral palsy—will imminently be released from Geauga County (OH) Jail after being granted a one year stay of deportation. Pro-reform activists mobilized quickly... Continuar »
Prosecutorial Discretion Granted, But ICE Refuses to Say When Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez Will Come Home Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez–husband, loving father of four, and primary caretaker of his oldest son, Juan, who has cerebral palsy— has been granted a one year stay of deportation, yet Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is so... Continuar »