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In NY, DACA Recipients Win Teaching Licenses; In CA, 170,000 Undocumented Kids Win Health Care Coverage

Two huge victories this week are poised to dramatically change the lives of thousands of undocumented immigrants in New York and California. In New York, the state Board of Regents rejected opposition from Republicans and approved plans to allow DACA recipients to apply for teaching certification, medical-related licenses, and over 50 other professional licenses. “These … Continue reading »

This Tax Day, A Reminder that Implementing Immigration Executive Action Policies Would Be Good for New York

Unfortunately, Out of State Lawsuit Keeping NY From Reaping the Benefits This year, the deadline for filing federal income taxes arrives on the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the U.S. v Texas immigration case. Tax Day is a reminder that for the good of our tax base, our overall economy, … Continue reading »

DACA Recipient To Donald Trump: Your Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Is Mobilizing Our Community To Register And Vote

Here’s a “Trump Effect” we bet he didn’t see coming. It’s true that Donald Trump inspired (for lack of a better word) the entire Republican field to the extreme right on just about every topic, particularly immigration. But it’s also true that Trump’s hate is inspiring Latinos and immigrants to naturalize and register to vote … Continue reading »

Ted Gets Cruzified By Latino, Immigrant, and Student Protesters In The Bronx

After cavorting onstage with noted racist Steve King, Republican Senator Ted Cruz shouldn’t be one bit shocked he was run out of the Bronx on a rail yesterday. Cruz had already taken heat over the past few months for slamming so-called “New York values” while simultaneously collecting campaign donations from New York donors. But now that … Continue reading »

Immigration Local and State Report: Florida, Georgia, New York, New Mexico

Earlier this week we witnessed how immigration unfolded as a key issue throughout the Iowa Caucus. As immigration remains as one of the most prominent topics at the national level, particularly within the 2016 election cycle, states are also trying to enact legislation that will undoubtedly impact immigrant communities. Here s a breakdown of what … Continue reading »

New York's Bill de Blasio Rallies 25 Mayors to Make Obama's Executive Action a Reality

Implementation of President Obama’s new executive action on immigration will begin sometime next year, and a number of Democratic mayors led by New York City’s Bill de Blasio met this week to share and discuss coordination efforts.  Read more from MSNBC: “Mayors to make Obama immigration order a reality“: Mayors and senior officials from 25 … Continue reading »

Long Island Joins 200 Jurisdictions Nationwide in Rejecting Automatic ICE Holds

More than 200 police jurisdictions nationwide have ended their cooperation with automatic ICE holds, and Long Island is now one of them. Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco this week ended his department’s cooperation with ICE holds, in which immigrants who are detained by police traffic or other minor violations are automatically detained until immigration officials can pick … Continue reading »

New York State Assembly Passes DREAM Act, 82-46

Yesterday, the New York state Assembly passed a bill that would make DREAMers eligible for tuition assistance programs in the state.  The bill passed the Assembly by an 82-46 vote, and now heads to the Senate, where it has 27 Democratic sponsors.  That’s five short of the majority needed for the bill to pass.  Govenor … Continue reading »

New Poll: 2014 Voters in Rep. Peter King’s District Looking for Leadership on Immigration Reform

Overwhelming Support for House Immigration Bill Shows that Voters are Looking for Less Talk and More Action  As Republican leadership in the House looks for more excuses aimed at stalling immigration reform, reformers around the country from across the political spectrum are calling on key Republicans to lead in pressing for votes to get immigration … Continue reading »

A New Day in Long Island: Steve Bellone Signs Executive Order Granting Equal Access to Non-English Speakers

Great news out of Long Island today, where activists are celebrating a civil rights victory for immigrants.  From a Make the Road New York press release: This morning, Long Island’s Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone signed an Executive Order that requires all County agencies to provide translation and interpretation, ensuring equal access to services for … Continue reading »