When it comes to immigration policy, sometimes we all need to close Twitter and ignore Trump’s ongoing bluster, threats, and pronouncements; skip past the White House palace intrigue stories about leaks and infighting; and stay focused on what’s real and happening in our name – the Trump team’s ongoing... Continue »
Immigrants Across America Are Already Terrorized by Fears of Rampant Family Separations Designed to Burnish Trump’s Reelection Chances In advance of President Trump’s official 2020 campaign kickoff rally last night, Trump tweeted about impending ICE immigration raids next week that would target “millions of illegal aliens” across America. As... Continue »
A Washington Post story posted last night, “Before Trump’s purge at DHS, top officials challenged plan for mass family arrests,” highlights that the Trump White House, led by Stephen Miller, is exploring a military style “shock and awe” approach targeted against immigrant families in American cities to dissuade desperate... Continue »
In a must-read column for the Washington Post, Karen Tumulty writes of the exemplary life of Samuel Oliver-Bruno and how he was lured by DHS officials to an appointment not for the purpose of granting him relief but for the purpose of arresting and deporting him. For the past... Continue »
Over Thanksgiving weekend In Durham, North Carolina, two dozen members of CityWell United Methodist Church were arrested after attempting to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from detaining Samuel Oliver-Bruno, who had taken sanctuary in the church eleven months earlier.   Oliver-Bruno, a 47-year-old father whose 19-year-old son, Daniel,... Continue »
The consequences of deportation are often severe, sometimes fatal, extend beyond the person deported, and often affects U.S. citizens, according to a new report from the American Psychological Association. They range from physical to economic to psychological. And unfortunately, the Trump Administration has been stepping up deportations as much... Continue »
Emergency Stay Filed Today Columbus, OH — Right now Samba Diaw, a Columbus resident for more than twenty years, is in ICE custody and could be deported at any time.  This morning his attorney Emily Brown, with Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE), filed an emergency stay with the... Continue »
Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
Cleveland, OH — On Monday, the Washington Post published an editorial, “ICE is sending Mauritanians back to modern-day slavery,” that is as clear and condemning as its title.  The piece begins: THE WEST AFRICAN nation of Mauritania is known for its poets, for its reserves of gold — and... Continue »
Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
“The Trump Administration is prioritizing deportation over human life” Cleveland, OH — Unions, faith organizations, and Mauritanian community leaders–among others–sent a letter to members of the Ohio congressional delegation today, expressing deep concern about the deportation of long-term Ohio residents to Mauritania, a country that is unable to protect... Continue »
Ohio immigrant legislation will help cities protect their populations.
New Backgrounder Shows How Dangerous It Is to Deport Refugees to Mauritania in 2018 Despite a rapid and powerful mobilization led by America’s Voice, the UndocuBlack Network Network and other immigrant, civil and human rights groups to prevent this outcome, we fear that Seyni Diagne was deported late last... Continue »