Politico: Last-ditch effort to move on immigration By Seung Min Kim NBC Latino: Immigration reform advocates demonstrate in over 200 congressional offices By Alessandra Hickson New York Times: Immigration Advocates Undeterred as House Departs Without Action By Julia Preston The Hill: Dems: Immigration reform ‘cannot wait’ By Mike Lillis... Continuar »
DREAMers and advocates were all over the Hill today, storming more than 100 offices in an end-of-the-year blitz for immigration reform and a path to citizenship.  At some offices, the visitors were forced to remain outside, stymied by locked doors and unresponsive staff.  At others, the staff was openly hostile,... Continuar »
Today, more than 1000 advocates shut down more than 100 Congressional offices during a coordinated blitz for immigration reform on the second-to-last legislative day of the year.  The advocates asked House Republicans to support reform with a path to citizenship, and warned their Representatives that they will be back in... Continuar »
Advocacy groups say 2013 activities set stage for even more hard-hitting activism next year with increased voter outreach in key congressional districts, while at same time, call for an end to deportations by Pres. Obama Washington, DC—Today, immigration reform activists stopped business activity in a majority of House Republican... Continuar »
Cross-posted from Move On: No father should be deported for driving to work! Our community is in crisis and senseless deportations must come to an end.  Please take action to stop Adarni’s (A#098-918-011) deportation! Sign the petition here. Ardani Rosales Lemus (A#098-918-011) has been detained since December 2012. He... Continuar »
BREAKING: Erika Andiola’s mother received a two year stay of deportation!!! pic.twitter.com/amTJ71wYFC #KeepusTogether #Not1More — Ryan Campbell (@PoliticallyRyan) December 12, 2013   Continuar »
The chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House announced Thursday that immigration reform will be ” top priority” in 2014 and that this office will address the issue of a “very serious and deliberative manner.” Goodlatte : #immigration reform top priority in 2014 http://t.co/mdPQV2Xcrv — David Leopold (@DavidLeopold)... Continuar »
***BREAKING*** WATCH THE LIVE STREAM HERE: http://www.americasvoiceonline.org/livestream The pro-immigration reform movement has united the broadest, most diverse coalition in its history. Although 3 out of 4 Americans want Congress to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship, Speaker John Boehner and the House Republican Leadership are using stalling... Continuar »
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The following is a cross-posted press release: Decorated Immigrant Veteran asks Rep. Kline and Others to Honor Immigrant Service by Allowing New Generation to Serve Formerly undocumented WWII Veteran Joseph Medina lands in DC this week to advocate for undocumented immigrants brought to this country as minors—or DREAMers—who wish... Continuar »