What are John Boehner and The House GOP Leadership So Afraid Of? What is John Boehner so afraid of? Last week, the House Speaker was interrupted at breakfast by two teens who came to share their stories and ask how he would feel if he had to be separated from his... Continuar »
What is John Boehner so afraid of? Last week, the House Speaker was interrupted at breakfast by two teens who came to share their stories and ask how he would feel if he had to be separated from his family.  He barely acknowledged them, before continuing on with a... Continuar »
Today, America’s Voice with UFW, UFCW, Mi Familia Vota, and AFL-CIO delivered processed turkeys, merlot, and fact sheets to Speaker Boehner and other key members of the House to press for action on immigration reform, which has been waiting for House passage all year. The event kicked off the new... Continuar »
Advocates Deliver Immigrant Processed Turkeys, Merlot and Fact Sheets to Speaker Boehner, Steve King and Other Key GOP Members; Remind Them Who’s Working Hard for America While They’re Taking More Days Off While Congress has been busy voting to repeal Obamacare forty-seven times, blaming the President for [insert anything... Continuar »
Overwhelming Support for House Immigration Bill Shows that Voters are Looking for Less Talk and More Action  As Republican leadership in the House looks for more excuses aimed at stalling immigration reform, reformers around the country from across the political spectrum are calling on key Republicans to lead in... Continuar »
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Last week, Speaker Boehner was interrupted during breakfast when two teenagers shared their stories with him and encouraged him to push forward on immigration reform.  This morning, hundreds of advocates held a pre-dawn vigil for immigration reform outside of his Washington, DC home, where they lit candles and displayed... Continuar »
Yesterday, we wrote about the ongoing #Fast4Families and their march to Capitol Hill asking Speaker John Boehner to move forward on immigration reform.  Today, the Hill is coming to them, with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (including Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-IL) coming to meet and express their support... Continuar »
For the last few weeks, immigration reform advocates have renewed their efforts to push Congress to pass legislation, through a series of civil disobediences, protests, rallies, vigils, and hunger strikes.  Though Congress could also pass immigration reform next year, there is also enough time left this year for the... Continuar »
International Business Times: Immigration Reform Bill 2013: Obama Says Piecemeal Is A Deal By Laura Matthews McClatchy: Immigrant advocates aren’t ready to give up on changing law By Franco Ordonez Mint Press News: Hunger Strike Aims To Pressure Congress To Act On Immigration Reform By Katie Rucke Politico: Pro-Obama... Continuar »