Washington, DC — At the end of a busy week of negotiations on the President’s emergency supplemental budget request to fund aid to Ukraine and other allies and to fund border and asylum measures, we are struck by how many reporters and commentators are adopting the Republican frame to... Continue »
Following a terrifying car accident at a United States-Canada border crossing that resulted in a massive explosion and two tragic deaths, far-right voices wasted no time engaging in nativist fearmongering in order to advance their political and hateful agendas. Federal officials said they were still probing the cause of... Continue »
11 Senators Sign onto New Joint Statement Highlighting Concerns with Senate Negotiations While Must-Read Greg Sargent Column Captures Damaging Political and Policy Implications of Debate Washington, DC — Key Senators, outside observers, and policy experts are speaking out forcefully against the trajectory and implications of permanent asylum and immigration... Continue »
Veteran Univision journalist Jorge Ramos is pushing back against his network’s alarming interview with former President Donald Trump, warning in a recent column that the cozy and largely unchecked sit-down with journalist Enrique Acevedo at Mar-a-Lago earlier this month “put in doubt the independence of our news department.” “We... Continue »
Washington, DC —The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to ongoing negotiations in the Senate.  “Republicans, with apparent complicity of some Democrats, seem ready to make permanent new and damaging policy changes that would gut the asylum system and create more chaos... Continue »
Washington, DC – Republicans remain intent to use the supplemental funding process to enact a host of permanent and draconian immigration and asylum policy changes and some Senate Democrats – disturbingly – seem open to the discussion. Notably, there are important border and asylum policy details that Congress can... Continue »
This Thanksgiving, let’s honor and give thanks to the unseen guests at our dinner tables – the immigrants who helped make our meals possible. From side dishes like green beans and roasted potatoes, to main dishes like turkey and glazed ham, to the sweet fillings from our desserts, immigrants... Continue »
Washington DC – Following Texas Gov Greg Abbott’s endorsement of Donald Trump, his signing of the state’s new extreme anti-immigrant bill, and Trump’s latest ugly immigration comments in the state, observers are highlighting the stakes and dangers for Texas, immigrant and Latino communities, and the larger nation.  According to... Continue »
Read the full letter HERE Washington, DC – Following Univision’s recent softball interview of Donald Trump, and given renewed questions about the network’s new direction, America’s Voice joined with more than 80 other organizations in a letter to Univision executives demanding accountability and higher journalistic standards.  Recent reporting on... Continue »
President Biden condemned Donald Trump for his horrific language echoing dictators like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. In an unhinged post sent from his far-right social media platform on Veterans Day holiday and during a campaign event in New Hampshire, Trump attacked his critics as “vermin.” Biden said the... Continue »