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House Democrats Hold "Special Order" for Immigration Reform Today

It has now been three weeks since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship by a 68-32 vote, with the House still appearing disinclined to make meaningful action anytime soon. Today, a number of House Democrats are taking a stand on the House floor to speak on the economic … Continue reading »

Ezra Klein: So Jeff Sessions' Opposition to Immigration Isn't About Poor Americans At All

Since the CBO score applauding the economic merits of immigration reform came out yesterday, Sen. Jeff Sessions has been working hard to try and discredit the score by claiming that its analysis is all wrong. “CBO did not provide enough information to assess the assumptions it made about the educational background of illegal immigrants and … Continue reading »

Roundup Reactions to CBO's Score of Immigration Bill: 'This Isn't Just a Good Report. It's a Wildly Good Report'

The Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill received good news yesterday when the CBO reported that the legislation would save the country $197 billion in its first decade, and an additional $700 billion in the next 10 years after.  Here’s a roundup of some of the commentary today on what the score means: From Ezra … Continue reading »

197 Billion Reasons to Support Immigration Reform (and 700 Billion More the Following Decade)

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scoring of the Senate’s immigration bill: The CBO score shows that there are now 197 billion reasons for Congress to do the right thing and pass immigration reform this year, and 700 billion more reasons over … Continue reading »

Thanks to Jeff Sessions, CBO Scores Immigration Bill for 20 Years, Finds It Reduces Deficit By Almost $1 Trillion

Congratulations, Jeff Sessions–you got your wish! For weeks now, the junior Senator from Alabama — and leading anti-immigrant voice in the Senate — has been complaining about the upcoming Congressional Budget Office score for the Senate Gang of 8 bill.  The CBO usually scores a bill for 10 years, which Sessions didn’t think would be … Continue reading »

Sen. Jeff Sessions Already Worried CBO Score Won't Reflect His View of Immigrants

Immigrants contribute more in to Medicare than they take out, and the Gang of 8 immigration bill would help keep Social Security afloat.  But Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), immigration reform opponent extraordinaire, is still obsessed with finding a way—any way—to prove that immigrants are a drain on society. Sometime in the next few weeks, the … Continue reading »

Harvard Medical School Study: Immigrants Contribute Surplus to Medicare

A Harvard Medical School study has found that immigrants have contributed billions of dollars more to Medicare in recent years than they have taken out, thus helping to shore up the longevity of the program. From 2002 to 2009, the study finds, immigrants contributed $115 billion more to Medicare than they took out, while native-born … Continue reading »

More Than 100 Top Conservative Economists Send Letter to Congress Supporting Immigration Reform

More than 100 influential conservative economists today released an open letter to Congressional leadership calling for immigration reform and highlighting its economic benefits.  The letter’s signers comprised a who’s who of notable conservative economists, including Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Art Laffer, Glenn Hubbard, Ed Lazear, Larry Lindsey, June O’Neill, George Schultz and more (many of whom have served in the Bush … Continue reading »

And, This: "The Senate Immigration Bill Will Help Improve Social Security’s Long-Term Solvency"

As the mark-up of the Senate immigration begins in the Judiciary Committee tomorrow, advocates for reform got some very significant news today on the economic benefits of the bill. Via the WSJ’s Washington Wire: The Senate immigration bill will help improve Social Security’s long-term solvency and reduce the number of immigrants entering the U.S. illegally, … Continue reading »

Did Democratic Party Operatives Recruit the Leading Opponents of Immigration Reform?

As the Senate’s bipartisan Gang of 8 immigration bill moves toward markup later this week in the Senate Judiciary Committee, immigration reform opponents are increasingly public and vocal. Current Heritage Foundation president and former Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), whose reputation as a researcher is, um, questionable, is claiming reform will cost zillions and zillions over decades and decades. … Continue reading »