Meanwhile, Enforcement Continues Despite Public Health Concerns Much of the country has been asked and, in some cases, ordered to stay home and many government agencies, including U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and U.S. consulates abroad, have greatly curtailed their services due to Covid-19. As a result, U.S.... Continue »
The tale of two governors captures where we are in America as we confront the coronavirus crisis.  From day one, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has been assertive, bold, and successful in saving tens of thousands of lives. Yesterday, he kept at it, announcing a $125 million public-private fund to... Continue »
20,700 Texans with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are working in essential sectors like food, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation, according to data released this week by the Center for American Progress. They are literally risking their own lives to save ours. Yet Texas’s two Republican Senators, Ted Cruz and John... Continue »
11,600 TPS Holders Working In Healthcare 76,100 TPS Holders Securing Food Supply 6,900 TPS Holders Working in Transportation In a must-read report published today by the Center for American Progress, demographic profiles of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders illustrate how much their labor sustains essential sectors like food, healthcare,... Continue »
  By jeopardizing immigrant security, he jeopardizes American food security Yesterday we learned of a major South Dakota meatpacking plant closing down due to an outbreak of infections among the workers. Just like that, 5% of the nation’s pork supply was gone. This comes on top of the agricultural industry... Continue »
Rally-goers discuss what's happening with DACA in the courts.
More and more observers are recognizing the essential role that farmworkers play in keeping food on America’s tables and the essential role that immigrants play in the farmworker workforce and agricultural industry. Yet as this recognition grows, the Trump administration is disconcertingly seeking to slash wages for farmworkers and... Continue »
Frank Sharry: “Mike Pence’s gauzy spin does not drive the administration’s hardline policies toward immigrants; Trump and Stephen Miller do.” Yesterday, Yamiche Alcindor of PBS Newshour referenced the nearly 30,000 healthcare workers who have DACA while asking Vice President Mike Pence: Is the administration in any way ready to... Continue »
CIS and Breitbart Shamelessly Impugn All Frontline Workers  The fight against COVID-19 requires we all come together, work together and have each other’s back. For many of us, the job is to stay at home, social distance and mitigate the spread of this deadly disease. For others, the job... Continue »
“Our undocumented workforce risks exposure each day on our collective behalf, while they are simultaneously denied economic relief and shut out of our health-care system.” In a new must read op-ed in the Washington Post, Laurene Powell Jobs, founder and president of Emerson Collective, makes the case for why... Continue »
DCReport: “Women And Minorities Bear The Brunt Of Trump’s Pandemic Mishandling” While the Trump administration continues to flounder in incompetence, immigrants, minorities, and women are hit the hardest by the government’s inability to provide safety, testing, and equipment for workers on the frontlines. In an article for DCReport, Joe... Continue »