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NBC’s Rock Center on the “Huge Controversy” in Alabama Caused by HB 56

Last night, on NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” reporter Kate Snow did a segment on what Williams called the “huge controversy” in Alabama caused by the passage of HB 56. Snow’s report showed the dire impacts of HB 56 on Alabama’s Latino families and the state’s farmers.

Wall Street Journal & New York Times Criticize Lamar Smith And His Not-So-All-American “Jobs Plan”

The Wall Street Journal makes an excellent point about immigration today.

Yesterday, before Janet Napolitano was to face a number of bullying Republicans at an Oversight Hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) wrote an op-ed in Politico calling Obama’s record deportation numbers “a trick.”

So Much for the Nativists

Here’s a Capitol riddle for you: Representative Lamar Smith, one of the most reflexively anti-immigrant hard-liners in Congress, is sponsoring a bill to flood the agriculture sector with up to half-a-million visas for guest workers. Understand why and you’re well on your way to unpacking the nation’s dysfunctional relationship with undocumented immigrants.

“Verbal Brawl” Erupts at House E-Verify Briefing

With all that’s been happening with the new immigration law in Alabama, it’s been hard to remember that there are, in fact, other balls still in the air re: immigration. Take, for example, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)’s mandatory E-Verify bill, passed through the House Judiciary Committee last month and lingering in the House ever since.

At The Nation: Ilyse Hogue on Consequences of Alabama’s Harsh Immigration Law for all Americans

Recently, the 11th circuit court blocked two parts of the nation’s harshest anti-immigrant law, only making HB-56 the teeniest bit less severe. To recap, the court basically said that newly-enrolled students in Alabama don’t need to show proof of lawful residency and immigrants apparently don’t need to carry around proof of lawful residency.