Despite publicly expressing confidence over the legislation's prospects, leading anti-immigrant lawmaker Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) had a difficult week promoting his mandatory E-Verify bill. Continuar »
A growing chorus of conservatives is hammering a Republican proposal requiring businesses to verify the legal status of the workers they hire. The conservative critics – including Republican lawmakers, Tea Party groups and border-state governors – are airing a long string of complaints. Continuar »
As technology grows more sophisticated and the American government and its corporate allies further refine their methods of keeping tabs on citizens, those of us who treasure privacy increasingly find ourselves engaged in a struggle to maintain our freedoms in the midst of the modern surveillance state. Continuar »
A bill to make the electronic employment verification system E-Verify mandatory for all employers is poised to be used for purposes well beyond immigration, warn experts, conservative, liberal and libertarian alike. The concern is based on not just what is in the bill but what is left out. Continuar »
In "honor" of this nonsense, and in honor of it being Friday, we at America's Voice have pulled together a few fun clips that remind us of the echo chamber around these GOP legislators. We all know the economy is a problem, but these representatives would rather cast... Continuar »
Since the demise of the DREAM Act, immigration as a hot-button issue has simmered quietly in the Beltway background. Not anymore. Today, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a markup hearing on the Legal Workforce Act, a bill designed to make the use of E-Verify mandatory for all employers... Continuar »
A House Republican bill that would require businesses to screen for undocumented immigrants is facing a growing bloc of opposition -- even from within the GOP. At a Thursday markup of the bill, which would mandate the use of an electronic screening system called E-Verify, one member worried aloud... Continuar »
In the House Judiciary Committee this morning, Rep. Lamar Smith and his Republican chums delivered opening statements in support of mandatory E-Verify at a mark-up for that virulently anti-worker/anti-immigrant pieces of legislation, which is sponsored by Rep. Smith. Even though E-Verify would impact all American workers (even U.S. born... Continuar »
The Republican Party is characterized by—according to its platform—rejecting excessive government regulation and defending unrestricted freedom for businesses. However, when it comes to the immigration issue, many Republicans become the most loyal defenders of government intervention and bureaucratic regulation. Continuar »
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has made passage of E-Verify a top priority for the House Republican caucus. Smith has called E-Verify "a successful tool," but he is asking his colleagues to overlook one key fact: E-Verify doesn't work. Continuar »