Raleigh, NC—The following is a statement from Tim Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice: “After a year of supporting Donald Trump and fueling his rise to power, Senator Richard Burr and Governor Pat McCrory have been quick to distance themselves from this latest scandal involving Trump’s disgusting and predatory... Continue »
Denver, CO – The following is a statement from Alvina Vasquez, Director of Colorado’s Voice:  “Mike Coffman and other Republicans have supported and endorsed Donald Trump for more than a year despite it being clear that Trump was unqualified and unfit for the presidency. It’s only now, one month before... Continue »
Senator Continues to Support Misogynist Bigot Donald Trump  Cleveland, OH — Following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice. “Donald Trump should be a role model to no one.  He says disgusting things about women, immigrants, Muslims, judges, war heroes, and other Americans, publicly and privately.  He... Continue »
Las Vegas, NV — The following is a statement from Viridiana Vidal, Director of Nevada’s Voice:  “For over a year, Republicans such as Joe Heck supported and embraced Donald Trump and his extreme and offensive views. When Trump began his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists, Republicans like Joe Heck... Continue »
En español aquí Sophie Cruz’s campaign to ask a question about deportation at the next presidential debate spotlights an issue that’s gotten little attention so far: what about the children? It’s no surprise that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s immigration plans differ dramatically when it comes to the well-being of children, including American... Continue »
As Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joins the campaign trail with Donald Trump, a man who has promised to round up 11 million immigrants; ban all Muslims from admission into the U.S.; revoke birthright citizenship from 4.5 million citizens;” and roundup Syrian refugees already resettled, this Saturday in Wisconsin, immigrant youth, DREAMers, and allies will canvass... Continue »
“A Trump presidency would only multiply children’s fears and anxieties, while implementing Clinton’s platform would do much to alleviate them.” A brand new piece published on Medium today by America’s Voice Deputy Director Lynn Tramonte pushes the importance of having American citizen Sophie Cruz’ question answered by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during Sunday’s debate.... Continue »
Ahead of Sunday night’s presidential debate, there’s another concerted effort by allies of Donald Trump to try to airbrush and “fuzz up” the extent of his radicalism on immigration. Governor Mike Pence seems to be taking the lead, arguing that Trump wants to focus mostly on undocumented immigrants who have committed... Continue »
It’s almost like Donald Trump’s campaign has a white nationalist problem. Back in March, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on a right-wing radio show called “Liberty Roundtable,” where he was interviewed by guest host James Edwards, the white nationalist host of another radio program considered “overtly racist” and “anti-Semitic” by... Continue »
Donald Trump was greeted by protests during multiple stops of his Nevada tour yesterday, including a visit to a Mexican restaurant where he pandered to a handful of Latino business owners from the state. Outside, immigrant families and their allies held signs reading “Dangerous, Divisive, Anti-Union. One protester included a young woman... Continue »