In the last year, Donald Trump has directed his Administration to be more aggressive toward immigrants, unleashing the full force of the federal government to target and deport anyone eligible for deportation, including those without criminal records and people who have current, valid work permits. “No one is safe,” a recent TIME headline said. ICE deportation arrests soared 40 percent from the same… Continue »

“Coalition of the Decent” strongly opposes Trump’s worldview on immigration and backs a more inclusive vision of America Last week featured President Trump at his unhinged, hateful and fact-free worst on immigration. But Trump’s ongoing efforts to rile up his political base over fear of the “other” should be viewed as the failing strategy of… Continue »

“There are thousands of tenants and homeowners who work hard to support their families and losing DED means losing it all.” New York, NY – Media reports in the Los Angeles Times and City Limits Magazine highlight the tight-knit Liberian DED community in Staten Island, New York, and the devastation they are now facing in the wake of the Trump Administration’s… Continue »

In a remarkable op-ed for the New York Times Sunday Review, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright warns that President Trump and the authoritarian leaders he admires are threatening democratic values and international stability. Below are some excerpts: Today, we are in a new era, testing whether the democratic banner can remain aloft amid terrorism, sectarian conflicts, vulnerable… Continue »

Yesterday, on Twitter and during a speech in West Virginia, President Trump was again at his unhinged, hateful and fact-free worst. The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: “Yesterday, President Trump, once again, dragged the presidency down into the fever swamps of the alt-right. As conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote,… Continue »

Trump’s Nativist and Racist Agenda Could End Up Backfiring Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump’s moves regarding immigration policy have had one goal, to rile up his political base by criminalizing immigrants and instilling fear. Sticking to his status quo, the president announced this week that he would militarize the U.S.-Mexican border by deploying the National… Continue »

As America’s Voice Spanish-Language Media Advisor David Torres points out in his new column, the “smell of neo-fascism” is in the air, as the Trump Administration continues to radically change the way the U.S. Government operates in multiple arenas. Lynn Tramonte, Deportation Defense Coordinator for America’s Voice, said: “The Trump Administration is rapidly dismantling democratic norms… Continue »

As Vox headline aptly puts it, “Trump is mobilizing the National Guard to the US-Mexico border for literally no good reason” Following the White House announcement to send National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Below are excerpts from a just a few of these observers: Dara Lind in Vox punctures the myth… Continue »

Trump’s decision is not based on policy, but on riling up anti-immigrant base The following is a statement from Mario Carrillo, America’s Voice Texas Director, in reaction to the Trump Administration announcement to deploy National Guard troops at the U.S. – Mexico border: By deploying the National Guard, President Trump proves once again that he doesn’t… Continue »

Today, Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen announced that Donald Trump was sending National Guard troops to the border — reportedly in response to a story about undocumented immigrants on Fox News. Advocates, reporters, experts, and members of Congress slammed the decision over Twitter, pointing out that border crossings are at an all-time low, that… Continue »