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Customs and Border Protection

SPLC: Former Head Of Anti-Immigrant Hate Group Joins Trump Administration

It continues to be clear that Donald Trump meant what he said about immigration. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the new administration has named a former executive director of an anti-immigrant hate group to a top post at the US Customs and Border Protection: Julie Kirchner, the former executive director of the Federation … Continue reading »

BREAKING: Jose Antonio Detained by Border Patrol

Jose Antonio Vargas, sometimes called “America’s Most Famous Undocumented Immigrant,” was detained by border patrol in McAllen, Texas today while attempting to fly home after a border vigil for the Central American children fleeing violence. Jose, who is a Pultizer Prize winning Journalist and recently released a biographical documentary called “Undocumented,”  joined UWD and MAC (Minority Affairs Council), a … Continue reading »

How Ohio Became An Immigration Battleground and Veronica Dahlberg Became The "Guardian Angel"

In a long-awaited article, Brian Bennett of the Los Angeles Times calls my friend and fellow Ohioan, Veronica Dahlberg, the “guardian angel” of northeast Ohio’s immigrants.  That’s her, exactly.  But Veronica’s not a passive angel, whispering thoughts in your ear and fluttering her wings.  She’s a fired up angel who won’t stop organizing and advocating until … Continue reading »

MPI Reports Adds Pressure for Obama Administration Action on Deportations

This week, the Migration Policy Institute released a report, The Deportation Dilemma: Reconciling Tough and Humane Enforcement, which “analyze[d] the current pipelines for removal and key trends in border and interior apprehensions, deportations and criminal prosecutions. ” The report begins: The United States has deported a record number of unauthorized immigrants and other removable noncitizens in … Continue reading »

When Immigration Enforcement Equals Inhumane Enforcement

Cross-Posted at Mom’s Rising: I’d like to believe that most Americans, perhaps with the exception of the hard-core nativists, like Rep. Steve King and Romney advisor Kris Kobach, knows our nation’s immigration policies need to be fixed.  But behind these failed policies are real human beings:  those who make decisions about how to enforce the … Continue reading »