ICE Agents in Michigan profile and arrest Latino restaurant workers after enjoying breakfast This, from a follow up story in on a recent ICE raid at an Ann Arbor restaurant: It started with a breakfast order – waffles, bacon, eggs and toast – and ended with handcuffs and... Continuar »
To Some, Immigration Status More Important than Human Status In a new report for NPR, Josh Burnett finds that President Trump’s “new immigration crackdowns creating ‘chilling effect’ on crime reporting: Police officials have been warning about the unintended consequences of Trump’s immigration dragnet. They caution it will further isolate... Continuar »
James F. Tomsheck, the former Assistant Commissioner for Internal Affairs at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from 2006 to 2014, writes a new must-read op-ed in The Hill titled “Why Is Congress Proposing to Increase Customs and Border Protection Corruption?” The piece recaps his firsthand experience at CBP... Continuar »
Tomorrow, the House will vote on HR 2213, which would allow Customs and Border Protection to waive the polygraph test requirement for certain new hires, while a Senate committee holds a hearing for an equivalent bill — the Boots on the Border Act authored by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Both reflect Donald Trump’s plan... Continuar »
In the latest in horrifying news about the abusive practices of Customs and Border Protection, NBC News in New York is investigating allegations that CBP officers at Newark Airport conduct an abusive hazing ritual that involves duct-taping victims to a “rape table”. You can read the full article here, or... Continuar »
Customs and Border Protection officials are reportedly turning away asylum seekers at the southern border — which is a violation of international law. Here’s more from a Dallas Morning News editorial: The U.S. government is illegally turning away asylum seekers at official land crossings all along the southern border.... Continuar »
From the Atlantic this week comes an article about Customs and Border Patrol, the chilling rates of corruption within the agency, and what this means for Donald Trump’s plan to hire thousands more CBP officers — while possibly lowering the bar for the applications process, including loosening polygraph test requirements. The... Continuar »
As we’ve seen from the Trump Administration in its first few months, and from news from this past week, Department of Homeland Security chief John Kelly is a man with lowered standards and no priorities: none for the immigrants whom his department is deporting, and none for the Deportation... Continuar »
The Sessions speech at the border and the leaked DHS plan make it clear: the nativists are going for broke With his speech at the southwestern border this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it painfully clear that he is seeking to use the full power of the Department of Justice to go... Continuar »
Read the original post here. Warning: This piece contains descriptions of sexual assault experienced by the author by a U.S. immigration officer. I had heard rumors about the challenges faced at the U.S. border, and I understood the consequences of choosing to cross in hopes of a better future.... Continuar »