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America’s Voice Launches Ad Campaign While Trump Rallies On Hypocrisy and Failing Immigration Policies

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“Trump doesn’t hate immigrants when he’s making money off of them.”

In a new series of radio and digital ad campaigns running in Florida, America’s Voice sheds light on Trump’s hypocrisy as he kicks off his 2020 campaign by rallying behind the fear mongering and failing policies that are causing chaos at our borders, deaths in detention, and mayhem in our asylum and immigration systems.



The ads (scripts below) go straight after Trump’s decades long track record of knowingly hiring unauthorized immigrant workers and singling them out for lower wages, poorer benefits, forced unpaid overtime, and in some cases helping immigrant workers obtain false documents. These workers, many of whom worked directly and intimately with the Trump family, have bravely come forward to expose the President’s hypocrisy. Coinciding with the President’s campaign launch in Orlando and radio and digital ads running, a group of immigrant former Trump employees is holding an event in Orlando to shine a spotlight on the President’s duplicity.  

As the ads state, “Trump doesn’t hate immigrants when he’s making money off of them.”

In an op-ed today in USA Today, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, gave context to the ad campaign and targeting Trump’s failures and hypocrisy on his signature issue:

Trump’s duplicity was first exposed last December in The New York Times when Victorina Morales, Sandra Diaz and other workers from the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey,  came forward to tell their stories of hard work, low pay, no benefits and unfair treatment.

The Washington Post exposed Trump’s reliance on undocumented immigrants at Trump enterprises in New York and uncovered a “pipeline” of undocumented workers from Costa Rica to build the Bedminster property.

Univision recently reported that Trump’s winery in Virginia hired undocumented workers who worked “long hours from sunrise to sunset, without overtime pay.”

And as President Trump arrives in Orlando to prepare for his relection campaign kick off, the undocumented workers he’s desperate to push aside, will be standing front and center to not only call out President Trump’s hypocrisy, but to call for immigration reform and legalization of the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S.

The script for the Florida radio ad continues below:

Trump is a hypocrite.

While Trump spreads lies about immigrants, and rips mothers away from their kids in order to score political points, he profits from the labor of the very undocumented immigrants he is attacking.

Trump hired hundreds of undocumented immigrants at his golf courses, resorts, hotels, construction sites, and vineyard.

These hard-working men and women cleaned his clothes, cooked for his family and guests, mowed lawns, and picked the grapes for Trump wine.

Trump doesn’t hate immigrants when he’s making money off of them.

Don’t let Lying Donald fool you. On immigration, Donald Trump is a hypocrite who only Wants to Make Trump Rich Again.