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Tim O’Brien: “Trump Demonizes Migrants as He Profits From Them”

Growing Awareness of Trump’s Hypocrisy, Political Vulnerability Timothy O’Brien, executive editor of Bloomberg Opinion, has a new column exposing Trump’s hypocrisy and the gap between the President’s personal and political ventures. While reporters continue to cover the exploitation of undocumented immigrants at Trump properties, the dichotomy between his business practices and his stated political beliefs … Continue reading »

ICYMI: WaPo: “Amid Trump’s immigration crackdown, the administration is silent on whether the president’s own company is being scrutinized”

When Will Trump Be Held Accountable for Hypocrisy, Worker Abuse? In a must read piece, Joshua Partlow of Washington Post juxtaposes President Trump’s insistence on curbing the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States with the collective silence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Department of Homeland on “one company that long relied … Continue reading »

As Trump Rails Against Immigrants, More Reminders That His Businesses Rely on and Exploit Undocumented Immigrant Workers

As the Trump White House seeks to reinstitute family separations and continues on their relentless effort to denigrate and dehumanize immigrants, we have new reminders that the president and his businesses are reliant on undocumented labor – he’s exploiting immigrants and profiting off immigrants’ industry and labor at the same time he depicts immigrants as … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Applauds CHC Call for Investigation of Trump Organization

Trump Organization Must Be Investigated and Workers Must be Protected; Trump Supporters “Feel Betrayed” by the Depths of Trump’s Hypocrisy Yesterday, Joshua Partlow of the Washington Post reported that Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Joaquin Castro, alongside Ruben Gallego, Nanette Diaz Barragan, Adriano Espaillat, and Veronica Escobar, sent a letter to the FBI director … Continue reading »

As Cohen Testifies, A Reminder of the Ongoing Trump Organization Criminal Enterprise of Importing and Exploiting Undocumented Workers

As Michael Cohen testifies today and lawmakers focus on the Trump family criminality, the ongoing Trump Organization multi-state criminal enterprise that involves the hiring, manipulation, abuse and exploitation of undocumented workers should be addressed. It is a crime occurring right before our eyes and as Mr. Cohen speaks to Congress. Below, we excerpt some of … Continue reading »

The Trump Organization Hired Undocumented Workers, Exploited Them, then Fired Them. Here’s A Recap of What Happened.

‘There are millions of us here without papers, and the country depends on us. [Donald Trump] knows that because his businesses depend on us and he knows how hard I worked.” – Victorina Morales, who worked Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey for five years while she was undocumented. Support Victorina and other undocumented … Continue reading »

ICYMI: As Trump Preps His “National Emergency,” His Undocumented Former Employees Share Their Stories

Victorina Morales: “As an undocumented worker, I cleaned Trump’s golf club. Now, I’m a voice for all immigrants.” As the President preps his “national emergency declaration,” the Trump-led private caravan of undocumented workers, who the Trump Organization employed and in some cases recruited from Central America, is continuing to share their stories, standing up to … Continue reading »

David Leopold Outlines Legal Ramifications of WaPo Revelation of Costa Rican Caravan to Trump’s Club

The following is a statement from David Leopold, legal consultant to Anibal Romero, the lawyer for 25 undocumented former Trump employees, outlining the legal ramifications of Washington Post’s Joshua Partlow, Nick Miroff and David Fahrenthold’s new piece (see the video here) on the caravan of Costa Rican workers sent to Trump’s Bedminster golf club. Today’s explosive front page Washington Post exposé … Continue reading »

WaPo Exposé on Trump’s Undocumented Workers: “They treated us like slaves”

WaPo Exposé: “From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years” In a stunning exposé for the Washington Post, Joshua Partlow, Nick Miroff, and David Fahrenthold tell the story of a network of dozens of undocumented workers from Costa Rica who came to work at the Trump National … Continue reading »

Americans Siding with Victorina and Sandra Rather Than Trump’s Ugly and Unpersuasive Anti-Immigrant Rants

The reviews are in and the reviews are harsh for President Trump’s State of the Union address – particularly the predictable disconnect between the White House’s pre-speech spin that it would be a unifying speech and the speech’s actual same old ugly and unpersuasive anti-immigrant focus (a “Stephen Miller special” as America’s Voice Deputy Director … Continue reading »