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Statement from Former Trump Employee on Trump’s Bedminster Rally

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Sandra Diaz – a former employee for Donald Trump, who was undocumented at the time of employment – issued the following statement about Trump fundraiser at Bedminster tonight:

Tonight, Donald Trump is hosting a campaign fundraiser at his golf club in Bedminster. There would be no golf club in Bedminster or any of his many other properties without the labor of undocumented workers who helped build the facilities, maintain the course, and take care of the hospitality of the guests. We also staffed Trump and his family, fed them and their guests, cleaned their rooms. There were hundreds of undocumented workers laboring around the clock for Donald Trump. There probably still are many more. You won’t hear that from Trump tonight. Yet he knows our role in helping him make a profit as does his family – because they hired us. Instead of praising our work and fighting to legalize us, he attacks and demonizes us for political gain. His cruelty is always front and center. Tonight, Trump’s hypocrisy will be on full display at the golf club that wouldn’t exist without us.

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