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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Highlights Trump’s Abuse of Undocumented Workers

Lawyer: “Donald Trump and the Trump organization are running and engaging in a multi-state criminal conspiracy” In a segment titled, “The Well-Documented Case of Trump’s Undocumented Employees” on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, former undocumented employees of the Trump Organization bravely speak out about the abuses they experienced working for President Trump and his family.  … Continue reading »

Chris Hayes on the Meaning of “Border Security”

“America cannot be and will not be, one hopes, the kind of nation that those folks want” Last night, on the heels of the White House’s announcement of a forthcoming national emergency declaration, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes provided Americans with a much-needed reality check on the shifting meaning of “border security” debate. Standing in El Paso … Continue reading »

Heartwarming Story of the Week: Samantha Bee Buys a House for Families of Detained Immigrants

This week, talk show host Samantha Bee of TBS’ Full Frontal hosted an entire holiday special highlighting Donald Trump’s continued assault on immigrants, what’s going on with asylum and families at the border, and the plight of immigrant families across the country. “Christmas on I.C.E.,” as the special was called, was dedicated to raising money … Continue reading »

Late Night Gets It: Trump is Using Caravan to Spread Lies

Donald Trump, Fox News, and Republicans have been using the migrant caravan to scare base voters into turning out for the midterm elections. And while some outlets have been repeating their breathless claims, late night shows have seen through Trump’s lies. As Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, and others have pointed out — asylum seekers … Continue reading »

Logic’s Powerful Performance at VMAs Draws Attention to Separated Families

Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, rapper and music producer Logic took the stage with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder for a powerful performance of Logic’s song “One Day”, that highlighted the Trump Administration’s immigration policies and the separation of children and families. Logic and Tedder were joined on stage by hundreds of children … Continue reading »

Samantha Bee Takes on “Racist —hole” Stephen Miller and His Disturbing Role in Trump White House

The Trump White House is full of extremist right-wing characters, perhaps none more so than “senior policy adviser” Stephen Miller and his former boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The recent Michael Wolff book “Fire and Fury” described Miller memorably as “a fifty-five-year-old trapped in a thirty-two-year-old’s body”, who was brought onto the Trump campaign for … Continue reading »

Latin Grammys Person of the Year Honors Dreamers in Moving Tribute

The Latin Grammys were last night, and one of the most moving and talked-about tributes of the ceremony happened when singer Alejandro Sanz dedicated his Person of the Year award to Dreamers and DACA recipients. As Sanz said, “They have lived in this country for so many years, and still they are in an illegal situation. They … Continue reading »

Anthony Bourdain Visits Los Angeles, Highlights Contributions of Immigrants

In the Season 9 opener for his show “Parts Unknown”, Anthony Bourdain visited Los Angeles — and highlighted immigrants and immigrant contributions that make the city vibrant. In the episode, Bourdain spoke about migrants and Latinos, the fear of mass deportation that exists in the Trump Administration, how the food service industry relies on immigrants, … Continue reading »