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Two Undocumented Chefs Cooked for the President at His Golf Course, Now They’re Unemployed

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In a new video segment, Univision’s Peggy Carranza interviews Juan Espinosa and Abelardo Montes, two former chefs for President Trump. The pair worked for seven years in his Colts Neck, New Jersey Golf Course and explain that, similar to other Trump properties, their supervisors knew they were undocumented.

Both of the employees were fired last month but not before years of mistreatment. Unlike their documented colleagues, Espinosa and Montes weren’t allowed to take vacations or breaks during their laborious days.

The interview, translated by America’s Voice en Español, is excerpted below:

The two undocumented workers told Univision that the golf club management knew all along about their immigration status.

But now that the Trump companies are using E-Verify, they were let go.

Said Abelardo Montes: “The accountant told us: ‘your papers are not good. They did not work. I’m very sorry. You have to clock out at this moment. You cannot continue working here.”

Juan Espinosa: : “You knew it,” I told her. “You know that I’m illegal, you know that I have no ID, you know I have no Social Security. You know everything; you know I have nothing.”

Abelardo Montes cooked for Trump several times: “Trump came in and asked for his omelet and I cooked it for him. About three times I took care of him. It felt good doing it.”

Juan Espinosa said that the undocumented workers faced discrimination: “There is discrimination, it’s not the same (for all). The white workers enjoy vacation, they can take breaks every 15, 20 minutes.”