In court yesterday, the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” ran from his record of terrorizing immigrant communities. Gone was the swagger, and under the light of overwhelming evidence, he tried to scramble away and evade responsibility for all of it. 1. “I don’t get involved in those operations. I’m not there on the street patrolling and… Continue »

Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio is expected to take the stand today, when a civil trial probing into his department’s chronic abuse of racial profiling resumes. The no-jury, single-judge trial began last week in Arizona, with plaintiffs arguing that Arpaio and his department regularly profile and detain Hispanics without probable cause, often only so that… Continue »

This week, notoriously anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio heads to court, facing charges of civil rights violations, namely racial profiling.  (For a rundown of the worst things Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done, view this list.) Here’s what the media covered the trial: From Edvard Pettersson and William Hermann of Business Week: Stanley Young, a lawyer for… Continue »

Cross-Posted at Latino Vote Matters and Latino Decisions: In polling data released today, Latino Decisions reports that Latino registered voters oppose the Supreme Court decision to uphold the controversial provision in Arizona’s SB1070 law that would require state and local police to check immigration status if they suspect a person they have stopped is an… Continue »

Several opponents of Arizona’s SB 1070, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, went to Court today to stop implementation of the “show me your papers” provision of that law. The groups are “seeking a court order that would prevent authorities from enforcing a rule that requires… Continue »

Today, Latino Decisions released a poll commissioned by America’s Voice and Center for American Progress, revealing how the SCOTUS ruling on SB 1070 has increased Obama’s standing with Latino voters. So, Jan Brewer  and her obsessive push for that onerous and discriminatory anti-immigrant law has actually helped Obama increase his lead. It’s 70% – 22%… Continue »

This week, notorious anti-Latino and anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio will head to court as a civil rights lawsuit against Arpaio’s tactics moves forward.  Between this upcoming trial, and the recent Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 law–in which most of the law was struck down and the sole remaining “show me your papers” provision continues… Continue »