Virginia and New Jersey Offer Clear Lesson for National GOP in 2014 and Beyond on Immigration An election-eve poll of extremely likely Latino and Asian voters in Virginia, conducted by Latino Decisions and sponsored by America’s Voice and People For the American Way (PFAW), shows that what candidates say... Continue »
For a Republican Party that is deciding whether to embrace or reject immigration reform this year, the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia show how two different models of Republican engagement on immigration can lead to two wildly different outcomes. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) is... Continue »
Cross-posted at Latino Decisions blog. With Election Day in Virginia today and the gubernatorial candidates’ positioning on immigration reform on stark display, a new election-eve poll, sponsored by America’s Voice, People for the American Way and Latino Decisions reveals how Virginia’s changing demographics are also changing the state’s politics. The polling... Continue »
Results Show Broad Support for House Immigration Bill and Path to Citizenship   On the heels of new House Republicans cosponsoring the House immigration bill, HR 15, new polls in the districts of Reps. Blake Farenthold  (R-TX) and Ted Poe (R-TX) show that constituents support these measures by huge... Continue »
As Republican Congressmen Denham and Valadao Cosponsor New Immigration Bill, Poll finds Huge Support Among Voters in Districts Held by McCarthy, Issa and Mckeon This week, as Republican Congressmen Jeff Denham and David Valadao stepped up to support the House immigration bill with a path to citizenship, new polls... Continue »
New Public Policy Polling (PPP) polls of eight congressional districts, commissioned by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), show that Republican House members can begin to rebuild the damage to their popularity caused by the government shutdown if they vote for commonsense immigration reform. Said SEIU Executive Vice President... Continue »
Local and National Leaders Call on Republican Congressmen Amodei, Heck, Coffman, Gardner, and Tipton to Cosponsor New Immigration Bill In the wake of the shutdown and fiscal debacle, immigration reform has reemerged at the top of the national agenda, providing an important opportunity for the Republican Party to repair... Continue »
Updated October 22, 2013 Rep. Mark Amodei (NV-02) Crosstabs Toplines PowerPoint Facebook share Rep. Joe Heck (NV-03) Crosstabs Toplines PowerPoint Facebook share Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-03) Crosstabs Toplines PowerPoint Facebook share Rep. Cory Gardner (CO-04) Crosstabs Toplines PowerPoint Facebook share Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-06) Crosstabs Toplines PowerPoint Facebook share... Continue »
According to new polls from Magellan Strategies, the vast majority of likely voters in three Republican-held districts—CD-10, CD-21, and CD-22—support immigration reform that creates a path to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans.  These findings confirm the results of hundreds of other surveys conducted over the past few years.... Continue »
August 2013 | Download PDF here Public opinion on immigration reform is nuanced, not complicated. Do Americans support secure borders?  YES. Are they angry that our nation’s immigration system is broken?  YES. Do they think politicians have a responsibility to fix it?  YES. Do they think immigrants who shoulder the... Continue »