As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis traipses around the country touting his plan to make the rest of America more like Florida, there’s trouble brewing back home. Backlash over the anti-immigrant law signed by DeSantis has continued on, with thousands across six cities taking part in a “Un Día Sin... Continue »
Following in the footsteps of other potential Republican presidential candidates, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced a $3.1 million deployment of 100 National Guard soldiers to the southern border in Texas (the only border state with a Republican Governor). This fits the pattern of Republicans offering dangerous and wasteful political... Continue »
Indicted Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton may currently be suspended as the state’s top lawyer pending an impeachment trial in the state Senate, but his anti-immigrant litigation continues to threaten hundreds of thousands of young people currently protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Texas... Continue »
“Even Though We Don’t Know English … I Know We Will Understand Each Other”  Among the migrants who’ve entered the U.S. through a program allowing everyday Americans to financially sponsor refugees from around the world are Johanna and Luz, a couple that was forced to flee Venezuela due to... Continue »
NAACP Warns Florida “Is Openly Hostile Toward African Americans”; HRC Says DeSantis Is Weaving “Bigotry, Hate, and Discrimination Into State Law” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ cruel laws targeting marginalized communities continue to receive blowback from national and state organizations. Civil rights groups NAACP and Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have... Continue »
When migrants are all too frequently framed as faceless numbers, it’s necessary to have a reminder that we are talking about human beings who have overcome grueling circumstances and oftentimes survived perilous journeys to reach the U.S. A new series from Maine’s Portland Press Herald is shining an important... Continue »
A recent arrest by federal law enforcement officials highlights the continued danger around the mainstreaming of white supremacist ideology, particularly in the state of Texas, which was already the site of a hate-related terror attack in 2019 and what appears to be a mass murder steeped in white supremacist... Continue »
If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s message at his expected 2024 presidential campaign announcement next week is that he’ll run the nation the way he’s run his state, that should be some major cause for worry. Just look at some of the local and national headlines that have continued on... Continue »
Like the draconian anti-immigrant laws of the past, DeSantis’ show-me-your-papers law already starting to backfire. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got tons of press coverage yesterday when reporters cut and pasted his latest anti-immigrant stunt press release about “deploying assets” to help a fellow anti-immigrant governor in Texas. DeSantis, who... Continue »
For the past few months, the vitriol aimed at migrants has reached a fevered pitch, spurred on by Republicans pushing racist conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, they suck up a lot of air time. But, there’s another part of the story that needs to be told. It’s about people across the... Continue »