Earlier today we shared Univision journalist Jorge Ramos’s must-read column about Sophie Cruz, the young girl who captured our hearts during Pope Francis’s US tour late last year. We always knew that the Pope’s visit to the United States would touch on immigration, but Sophie’s heroic actions that day... Continue »
Pope Francis At The Border
“How long until Donald Trump insults the Pope?” tweeted Buzzfeed’s Dominic Holden during the Pontiff’s US tour back in September. Well, the answer to that question is about five months, apparently. A steaming-mad Trump unleashed on the religious leader after Pope Francis singled out the Republican Presidential candidate for... Continue »
US officials and leaders welcomed Pope Francis’s historic visit to the US/Mexico border yesterday, where he laid a bouquet of flowers for the thousands who have perished attempting to make a better life for themselves in the north. The messages from officials and leaders welcoming the Pope’s historic return... Continue »
And as a party that likes power, shouldn’t the GOP halt their sprint to the far right on immigration? Yesterday Pope Francis celebrated mass at the U.S.-Mexican border, calling for compassion and human decency for migrants and asylum seekers.  Here are brief excerpts from his moving homily: Here in Ciudad... Continue »
Pope Francis ended his six-day tour of Mexico in a simple but powerful act of compassion, laying a bouquet of flowers at the feet of a large cross symbolizing the 6,000 immigrants who have died attempting to cross the US/Mexico border. In front of the cross were several pairs... Continue »
In what is expected to be one of the most defining moments of his Papacy, Pope Francis will today lay a wreath and pray at the US/Mexico border in memory of the more than 6,000 immigrants who have lost their lives attempting to cross into America. Thousands will be... Continue »
As Pope Francis is set to pray at the Rio Grande tomorrow, a delegation of women and leaders began a day-long pilgrimage from El Paso to Ciudad Juarez today to bring a message of welcome and compassion for the immigrant and refugee. “Last September, we heard the Pope’s message... Continue »
Last September, the pilgrimage of 100 women walking 100 miles from Pennsylvania to Washington DC to greet Pope Francis inspired us in so many ways. We were there when the women triumphantly ended their journey at McPherson Square in DC, with many weeping. For these women, the journey wasn’t... Continue »
Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to Mexico will include a powerful act of compassion he was ultimately unable to accomplish during his US tour last year — a visit to the border. When the Pontiff visited the US, immigration advocates had hoped the Pope’s plea for compassion would resonate for... Continue »
Days from Pope Francis’s visit to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, members from Border Network For Human Right have placed a #ImmigrantLivesMatter sign on a portion of the border fence between El Paso and Juarez. The Pontiff will hold mass in the border city on February 18th — the last full day of... Continue »