En español aquí Sophie Cruz’s campaign to ask a question about deportation at the next presidential debate spotlights an issue that’s gotten little attention so far: what about the children? It’s no surprise that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s immigration plans differ dramatically when it comes to the well-being of children, including American... Continue »
“A Trump presidency would only multiply children’s fears and anxieties, while implementing Clinton’s platform would do much to alleviate them.” A brand new piece published on Medium today by America’s Voice Deputy Director Lynn Tramonte pushes the importance of having American citizen Sophie Cruz’ question answered by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during Sunday’s debate.... Continue »
Last year she hugged the Pope. Earlier this week she spoke in front of hundreds at the United States Supreme Court. And now she’s made her Tribeca Film Festival debut. “Free Like The Birds,” a new short film from director Paola Mendoza in collaboration with FWD.us and We are mitú,... Continue »
As hundreds of immigrant families rallied outside the Supreme Court yesterday, one of our movement’s youngest champions asked the Court to protect her family and millions of others around the nation. Sophie Cruz is one of the estimated 4.5 million US citizen children around the nation who have at least... Continue »
Earlier today we shared Univision journalist Jorge Ramos’s must-read column about Sophie Cruz, the young girl who captured our hearts during Pope Francis’s US tour late last year. We always knew that the Pope’s visit to the United States would touch on immigration, but Sophie’s heroic actions that day... Continue »