A recent arrest by federal law enforcement officials highlights the continued danger around the mainstreaming of white supremacist ideology, particularly in the state of Texas, which was already the site of a hate-related terror attack in 2019 and what appears to be a mass murder steeped in white supremacist... Continue »
If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s message at his expected 2024 presidential campaign announcement next week is that he’ll run the nation the way he’s run his state, that should be some major cause for worry. Just look at some of the local and national headlines that have continued on... Continue »
Like the draconian anti-immigrant laws of the past, DeSantis’ show-me-your-papers law already starting to backfire. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got tons of press coverage yesterday when reporters cut and pasted his latest anti-immigrant stunt press release about “deploying assets” to help a fellow anti-immigrant governor in Texas. DeSantis, who... Continue »
For the past few months, the vitriol aimed at migrants has reached a fevered pitch, spurred on by Republicans pushing racist conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, they suck up a lot of air time. But, there’s another part of the story that needs to be told. It’s about people across the... Continue »
Yesterday, President Biden marked the one-year anniversary of the horrific shooting in Buffalo by writing an op-ed in USA Today. He also tweeted, “One year ago, evil came to Buffalo – manifested in a gunman who massacred people in service of hate. Today, we remember the ten lives senselessly... Continue »
Múltiples medios de comunicación están informando que el pistolero que mató a ocho personas e hirió al menos a otras 10 fuera de un centro comercial en Allen, Texas, mantenía una página en redes sociales donde compartía puntos de vista racistas, misóginos y antisemitas. La página de Mauricio García... Continue »
Chaos for Immigrants, Disruption for the Economy, Privacy Rights of Citizens Taken Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week signed into law S.B. 1718, one of the ugliest anti-immigrant bills that has made it through any state legislature in our country in recent memory. One of its provisions criminalizes Floridians... Continue »
Florida Republican María Elvira Salazar last year introduced an immigration bill that her office touted as The Dignity Act. Introduced despite having zero chance of passing the chamber due to an anti-amnesty pledge that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has previously made to his base, the bill purported to enact... Continue »
Answer: Not as long as he is a “wholly owned subsidiary” of Marjorie Taylor Greene Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy claimed in 2021 the GOP was not the party of “nativist dog whistles.” He’s right — it’s not a dog whistle; today, it’s a bullhorn. From members of GOP... Continue »
Numerous outlets are reporting that the mass shooter who killed eight people and wounded at least 10 others outside a mall in Allen, Texas, maintained a social media page where he shared racist, misogynistic and anti-Semetic views. Mauricio Garcia’s page on a Russian social media network glorified Nazis and... Continue »