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victorina and sandra are undocumented workers who worked at bedminster for trump

‘There are millions of us here without papers, and the country depends on us. [Donald Trump] knows that because his businesses depend on us and he knows how hard I worked.” – Victorina Morales, who worked Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey for five years while she was undocumented. Support Victorina and other undocumented … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Because Congress Controls the Power of the Purse, Trump’s National Emergency Declaration to Build a Border Wall Uniquely Threatens the Constitutional Balance of Powers The supremacist siege on our Spanish language doesn’t cease ICYMI: Alan Gomez: “Judge may force Trump administration to reunite thousands more separated families” English The Hill Pollster calls Trump … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Washington City Paper: Immigrants With Temporary Protected Status Are Fighting to Stay in the U.S. Family Separation Continues With No Process & No Accountability English TriCorner News (Op-Ed) The realities of being an undocumented immigrant today in the USA By Carol Ascher February 20, 2019 Associated Press Democrats Prepare Resolution Against Trump’s Declaration … Continue reading »


As most of us learned in grade school, Congress, not the President, controls the purse. By declaring a national emergency based on flimsy arguments in an effort to redirect funds for a border wall, money already appropriated by Congress for other purposes, President Trump is abusing his authority. Trump did this on the very day … Continue reading »

DHS FY2018 funding includes money for a border wall.

Yesterday, after explosive reports that the administration is still quietly and needlessly separating families, the American Civil Liberties Union headed back to court to argue for the reunification of all the separated families. Judge Dana Sabraw seemed inclined to agree, stating, “It’s important to recognize that we’re talking about human beings…Every person needs to be … Continue reading »

Local D.C. TPS Holder Fights to Stay with His Family Hamil Harris for the Washington City Paper tells the story of a local D.C. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holder, Donaldo Posadas Caceres, who has worked building bridges up and down the northeast coast for years after being accepted into an apprenticeship with the International Union … Continue reading »