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America’s Voice Frank Sharry: “¿Será esta la muerte que nos lleve a una exhaustiva investigación y a una verdadera rendición de cuentas?” Victorina Morales Continues to Stand Up to the Most Powerful Man in America to Reveal Her Truth Frank Sharry: “Will this be the death that leads to a thorough investigation and some genuine … Continue reading »

Donald Trump is trying to shut down the government in order to build his border wall, and the Department of Homeland Security yesterday published a press release that was, apparently, supposed to help with this effort. It didn’t. Titled simply “Walls Work” and complete with before-and-after pictures, the release was full of grammatical mistakes and … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Trump’s Push for a Government Shutdown Ignores 2018 Midterm Results, Divides GOP, and Unites Democrats Twitter Blasts DHS’ Bizarre “Walls Work” Press Release Es tiempo de mirar mucho más allá del sur de México English Associated Press Trump, Democrats Dig In for Fight Over Border-Wall Funding December 12, 2018 New York Times Playing … Continue reading »


“Trump’s Housekeeper Airs His Dirty Laundry” After years of enduring humiliation as a worker at President Trump’s Bedminster property, Victorina Morales was invited to share her story on The Daily, the popular New York Times podcast. Ms. Morales explains, in an interview entitled “Undocumented and Working to Trump,” how Trump’s demonization of immigrants ultimately led … Continue reading »

The following is a reaction from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding the tragic death of a 7-year old girl in Customs and Border Protection custody: The tragic and preventable death of an innocent seven-year old girl should not be seen as a mistake made in an otherwise humane system, but rather a … Continue reading »

President Trump’s brilliant plan to shut down the government over his wasteful and offensive border wall vanity project ignores the 2018 midterm results, is sharply at odds with the wishes of the American public, and manages to both divide Republican elected officials and unite Democrats. As leading voices are pointing out, this is more about … Continue reading »