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English Associated Press White House Threatens to Veto Aid Bill for Migrant Families June 25, 2019 The New York Times Emergency Aid for Migrants Badly Divides Democrats By Julie Hirschfeld Davis June 24, 2019 The New York Times The House and Senate Have Separate Plans for Border Aid. Here’s What’s Different. By Emily Cochrane June … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Trump politicizes terror and cruelty Nationwide, Editorial Boards Sharpen Their Opposition to Trump’s Mass Deportation Plans Reminders of What’s Real on Trump’s Immigration Failures: Deplorable Detention Conditions for Children; Continued Family Separations; Pervasive Fear Among Families Trump politiza el terror y la crueldad English Associated Press Trump Postpones Nationwide Immigration Enforcement Sweep June … Continue reading »

America’s Voice “Trumpism” has opened its second Pandora’s box While Trump Lies, Children Suffering in Detention Centers and Communities Face Threats of Family Separation and Deportation English The Washington Post With White House threatening mass raids, undocumented immigrants try to stay out of sight By Arelis R. Hernandez and Antonio Olivo June 20, 2019 San … Continue reading »


Last week, in his latest 2020 reelection messaging ploy, President Trump spread terror in communities nationwide by announcing plans to deport “millions” of undocumented immigrants. Editorial boards across the U.S. denounceed Trump’s latest scheme to rile up his 2020 base and it is not just the Northeastern “elitist” newspaper and West Coast “liberal” papers whose … Continue reading »

Pursuing a border wall and mass deportations could be Trump's next big mistake.

When it comes to immigration policy, sometimes we all need to close Twitter and ignore Trump’s ongoing bluster, threats, and pronouncements; skip past the White House palace intrigue stories about leaks and infighting; and stay focused on what’s real and happening in our name – the Trump team’s ongoing failure to responsibly deal with the … Continue reading »

On the one year anniversary since Donald Trump purported to “end” his cruel family separation policy, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg issues a salient warning that he “bets we’ll stop caring about migrant kids.” Goldberg’s warning was echoed by Trump’s own audaciously false claim that he reunited the families that the Obama administration separated. … Continue reading »