Basta ver la determinación con la que avanzan las oleadas de inmigrantes rumbo a la frontera México-Estados Unidos para darnos cuenta de la imposibilidad de detenerlas, salvo en ocasiones de manera temporal. Nada nuevo, por supuesto. Pero es precisamente en su añeja continuidad donde radica su propio significado, su leitmotiv que... Continuar »
America’s Voice   La frontera que hace hablar a todos English Associated Press Over 4,000 migrants, many kids, crowded into Texas facility By Elliot Spagat and Nomaan Merchant March 31, 2021 The Washington Post Biden administration allows media inside Texas border tents packed with minors By Nick Miroff March... Continuar »
Those at our border are mostly refugees fleeing Central America. Recognizing this reality can lead to us durable solutions. Those coming to our borders to seek safety are people who are fleeing gang violence, corruption, sexual violence, climate change and persecution. Until we recognize this fact, the perennial and... Continuar »
America’s Voice   It’s Time for Smart Solutions Instead of Simplistic Soundbites English The Miami Herald (Op-Ed) Biden must stop deportations to Haiti. It’s inhumane — and breaks his promise to us By Marleine Bastien and Alix Desulme March 29, 2021 Real Clear Politics Addressing Migrant Surge May Be... Continuar »
 The Biden administration is attempting to solve problems, put in place durable long-term solutions, and recognize the basic humanity and dignity of migrants and refugees. In contrast, Trump, Stephen Miller and Republicans are attempting to legitimize and return to the cruel deterrence strategies of the past. Below is a... Continuar »
America’s Voice   The Choice: Return to Trump’s Cruelty or Move Forward on Long-term Solutions English Salon GOP’s invented “border crisis” is just a political distraction, immigration activists say By Kenny Stancil March 29, 2021 The Sacramento Bee Kamala Harris faces political ‘trapdoors’ as she takes lead role on... Continuar »
Rep Escobar
You can listen to a recording of the call here   Earlier today, Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) joined two key experts to shine light on what is really going on at the border and what the media and critics are missing from this storyline. While this “crisis at the... Continuar »
TW: violence, racism, & death Instead of working to pass the “Dream & Promise Act” or “Farm Workforce Modernization Act,” NBC News reporters Jacob Soboroff and Morgan Chesky are reporting that 19 Republican Senators are set “to ride up and down the Rio Grande on @TxDPS boats outfitted with multiple .30 caliber... Continuar »
NBC News reporters Jacob Soboroff and Morgan Chesky are reporting that 19 Republican Senators are set “to ride up and down the Rio Grande on @TxDPS boats outfitted with multiple .30 caliber machine guns.” The “threat” that they are play-act “patrolling” against? Vulnerable kids seeking refuge in America.  The... Continuar »
America’s Voice   Office Hours: Experts Join Rep. Escobar to Deconstruct the Border Narrative The Internet is Not Happy With the GOP’s Disgusting Border Stunt From Showboating to Gun-boating: GOP Senators’ Dehumanizing of Vulnerable Kids Takes Dangerous New Direction English HuffPost The Challenges Of Refusing To Deport Children By... Continuar »