A recording of the call is available here. Earlier today, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders working on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic in New York joined immigration experts and advocates to discuss their critical role in protecting New York communities during this crisis even as the Trump administration... Continue »
Leading Voices Condemn Trump Meat Processing Executive Order Are Trump and the Republican Party more concerned about corporate profits than worker safety? Look no further than the dramatic developments in the supply chain that brings meat to American tables. Yesterday, we highlighted how Trump’s new executive order is forcing... Continue »
America’s Voice   NY Frontline Workers with TPS Discuss Their Roles in Combating Coronavirus While Under Threat from Trump Administration “Get Back to Work, Even if It Might Kill You” English CNN GOP senator gives activists grim 2020 assessment amid fears over holding Senate By Alex Rogers and Manu... Continue »
A recording of the call is available here Earlier today, rural faith leaders and organizers gathered on a press call to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on rural communities across North Carolina and Georgia. In these rural communities the meatpacking and agriculture industries dominate the local economies... Continue »
Frank Sharry: “Todos nosotros debe significar todos nosotros”   America’s Voice es parte de una amplia coalición que hoy lanza la campaña #AllOfUs, un esfurzo de múltiples plataformas para dejar en claro que todos estamos juntos en esta lucha contra el Covid-19. La coalición reúne a líderes religiosos, de negocios,... Continue »
Frank Sharry: “All of us should mean all of us”   America’s Voice is part of a broad coalition that today is launching the #AllOfUs campaign, a multiplatform effort to make it clear that all of us are in the fight against Covid-19 together.  The coalition brings together faith... Continue »
Frank Sharry: “Ordering white, black, Latino and Asian workers to risk their lives so he can gain politically and his business friends can earn profits captures the essence of his corrupt and cruel presidency.”   Last week’s immigration proclamation underscored the Trump administration’s fusion of plutocracy and nativism. Trump’s... Continue »
America’s Voice   Rural Faith Leaders Join Workers Calling for Protection and Relief from COVID-19 Outbreaks Campaña #AllOfUs logra reunir a una amplia coalición para proclamar: en la búsqueda por vencer al Covid-19, todos estamos juntos en esta lucha #AllOfUs Campaign Unites Broad Coalition to Proclaim: In the Quest... Continue »
The COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had on President Donald Trump, intensifying his political opportunism and ridiculous, always out-of-place comments, make me ask myself: what will come next? If it’s true that the pandemic that has cost thousands of lives changed life as we know it, from... Continue »
Immigrants across the nation are the backbone of our country, which held true before the Coronavirus pandemic and now during. Amid the chaos, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) pens a new op-ed in Univision highlighting the ongoing limbo Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders face and the work they’re doing on... Continue »