It’s been two weeks since members of the House introduced HR 15, an immigration bill in the lower chamber that contains a path to citizenship.  As we’ve pointed out many times before, there exist enough votes in the House right now to pass immigration reform, since it is estimated... Continue »
Cross-posted from The Hill: In these times of political turmoil that has brought the nation to the edge of a historic default, sinking congressional approval ratings to their lowest levels in modern history, it is sometimes difficult to imagine that this is how democracy is supposed to work. No... Continue »
The following is cross-posted from Latino Decisions:  According to polling data from the California Field Poll, after winning the presidential election in 1980, former California Governor Ronald Reagan raised his share of the Latino vote from 35% to 45% in 1984 while carrying 59% of the entire state.  Republicans... Continue »
Picture this: the clock is winding down, the pressure is high, and Speaker John Boehner knows he must do something.  The House GOP caucus, after resisting the inevitable for months, realizes that there’s only one way forward, and puts up enough votes for Boehner to credibly pass a piece... Continue »
The congressional calendar again is primed for immigration.  Here are five reasons why Boehner and the House GOP should pursue reform this year… Continue »
With the government shutdown over and fiscal impasse resolved for now, the congressional calendar again is primed for addressing immigration reform.  Here are five reasons why Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and House Republicans should pursue immigration reform this year: 1.     The Hastert Rule is Officially Dead:  The vote... Continue »
Por Maribel Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice: Si alguien dudaba que el Partido Republicano está librando una guerra civil por su identidad, el penoso espectáculo de la batalla presupuestaria lo demostró en su máximo esplendor. La mayoría republicana que controla la Cámara de Representantes fue tomada como rehén... Continue »
“The Window of Opportunity is Open Now” President Obama just outlined three areas where Democrats and Republicans should come together to act in the coming weeks: 1) a balanced approach to the budget; 2) fixing our broken immigration system; and 3) passing a Farm bill.  In response, Frank Sharry,... Continue »
Latinos Post: Immigration Reform 2013 News: President Obama Looks to Push for Vote on Immigration Bill Post-Fiscal Crisis By Jean-Paul Salamanca Roll Call: Film Series on Immigration Policy Is a Tapestry of Politics, Policy and Personalities By Jason Dick Washington Post: Obama plans to renew immigration, climate change efforts... Continue »