That a bipartisan group in the House  has forged agreement on immigration with citizenship is nothing short of historic…

On her radio show yesterday, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham said that immigration reform would turn the US into a “third world,” if passed. Ingraham was commenting on a clip of Marco Rubio describing the IRS news as “things you typically see in the third world.”  Ingraham added, “Well, we’re going to become a… Continue »

The news that a bipartisan working group in the House of Representatives has reached an agreement in principle on immigration legislation, alongside the continued steady legislative progress on the Senate’s immigration bill, underscores our optimism about immigration reform’s prospects in 2013. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: This is a major breakthrough. … Continue »

Cross-posted at Latino Decisions, Latino Vote Matters, and Daily Kos: It’s no secret that the Republican Party has a serious problem with immigration.  But in this instance I’m talking about their problem with Latinos migrating out of their own party. Republicans are trading in the elephant for the donkey, or at the very least just… Continue »

El Comité rechazó la enmienda del senador republicano Charles Grassley que hubiese requerido al gobierno la instrumentación del E-Verify en un plazo de 18 meses luego de la promulgación de la ley de inmigración.    

“Hemos concluido un acuerdo de principios. Creo que es una propuesta muy responsable, seria, bien pensada y aplicable”, agregó Diaz-Balart, a la salida de la reunión de más de dos horas del grupo bipartidista de ocho representantes que analiza la cuestión.  De acuerdo a asistentes de los congresistas, uno de los principales elementos de disputa… Continue »

USA Today: Immigration plan continues moving through Senate By Alan Gomez NATIONAL Washington Post: Bipartisan House Group Reaches Preliminary Immigration Deal By Ashley Parker Reuters: House lawmakers reach tentative deal to revamp immigration By Richard Cowan and Rachelle Younglai Washington Post: Hatch negotiates to expand H-1B visas as part of Senate immigration bill By David… Continue »

Por Maribel  Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice: WASHINGTON, DC – En el tercer día de debate de enmiendas al proyecto bipartidista de reforma migratoria S. 744, el panel Judicial del Senado mantuvo intacta la nacionalización y obligatoriedad del controvertido sistema electrónico de verificación de identidad E-Verify que contempla el Título III del proyecto, aunque… Continue »

If you think the Senate Judiciary Committee’s markup of the Gang of 8 bill has been intense so far, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. As the SJC moves into Titles II and III of the bill—which cover everything from E-Verify to detention policy to family immigration to agricultural workers, not to mention the path to… Continue »