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Laura Ingraham: Immigration Reform Will Turn US Into "A Third World"

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On her radio show yesterday, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham said that immigration reform would turn the US into a “third world,” if passed.

Ingraham was commenting on a clip of Marco Rubio describing the IRS news as “things you typically see in the third world.”  Ingraham added, “Well, we’re going to become a third world if we have 30 million new people who are just given the right to vote 10 years after being here, get Obamacare.”

Listen to audio here.

The comment came shortly after Ingraham hosted an interview with Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, who used a homophobic slur to describe Marco Rubio’s relationship with the Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill.

“Without Rubio, there is no bill, I mean, it just can’t happen,” Krikorian said, “because Rubio’s job basically was to be the beard for this bill.”

Ingraham’s comments echo that viciously anti-immigrant former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) said in 2009, when he (as a then-sitting Congressman) said that immigration and diversity has led Miami to “become a third world country.”

Ingraham, meanwhile, has also recently said that immigration would lead to the US becoming a “hellhole,” called the US-citizen children of undocumented immigrants “anchor fetuses,” and said that the US should stop allowing people from Muslim countries to immigrate completely.