***MEDIA AVAILABILITY*** ***America’s Voice Available for Interviews at the Democratic National Convention*** Washington, DC – With the final night of the Republican National Convention behind us, below are the major takeaways about where Mitt Romney’s Republican Party stands on immigrants and immigration reform: 1.  Primary and Platform Immigration Positions... Continue »
UPDATE: DRM Capitol Group has joined forces with Get Equal this morning and “disrupted Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s victory speech to denounce his hypocritical policy positions on immigration and LGBT issues,” according to the statement they released. Watch video of the fearless DREAMers protesting: DREAMers with the DRM... Continue »
While Arpaio was basking in the spotlight at the Tampa Bay Zoo, things weren’t as good for the nation’s self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff” back in his home state of Arizona. Apparently federal appeals court reinstated a suit against him, adding to his already long list a “federal civil rights and... Continue »
Predict how this key demographic will vote and how they will influence the outcome of the election in November Continue »
Según Gillespie, Romney logrará ganarse la “confianza” de los independientes y los hispanos que mantienen escepticismo sobre su candidatura, porque “hoy podrán ver quién es” Romney y no a través de los anuncios comerciales que lo atacan. Continue »
La estrategia latina de la campaña de Mitt Romney tiene como mensaje central una idea similar: primero arreglamos la economía, porque los latinos están sufriendo más que otros. Y luego veremos lo de inmigración.   Continue »
UPDATE:  It’s not just Sheriff Joe Arpaio who believes that Mitt Romney will in fact enact the immigration positions he espoused during the Republican primaries.  America’s Voice also caught up with Kris Kobach, Mitt Romney’s sometimes-maybe immigration advisor, who also said he had no reason to doubt Romney’s positions... Continue »
Washington, DC – At the Republican National Convention, leaders in the party have taken a curious approach to Latino outreach: avoiding the issue of immigration; refusing to disavow hard-line immigration positions; lecturing Latino voters; blaming Democrats for the GOP’s self-inflicted problems with Latinos; and making embarrassingly transparent overtures to... Continue »
Yesterday, during MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, Reporter Ron Mott secured an interview with Governor Jan Brewer – one that turned out to be gleefully surprising for us…and perhaps horrific for her (which, I must say, added to my joy). Mott asks: Let me ask you, if... Continue »
Last week, Romney advisor Kris Kobach led the effort to make the RNC platform an extremely anti-immigrant document. As we noted,  Kobach wanted everyone to know he wasn’t just pushing his own agenda. He pointed out that the anti-immigrant provisions are  “consistent with the Romney campaign.” The RNC platform was... Continue »