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VIDEO: Jan Brewer Mistakenly Endorses President Obama at Republican National Convention

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Yesterday, during MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, Reporter Ron Mott secured an interview with Governor Jan Brewer – one that turned out to be gleefully surprising for us…and perhaps horrific for her (which, I must say, added to my joy).

Mott asks: Let me ask you, if you’ve had conversations with Governor Romney about securing your border — immigration in general…if you have, what has he told you, what has he promised you, what have you asked for?

Jan Brewer: Well, I believe that Governor Romney understands the issues certainly being a former Governor, he understands states’ rights, and he understands that as Governors, we have to govern. And I know that if President Obama is elected in November, which I hope that he is, we’ll be able to come together with all of us and come up with a solution, and I believe he will secure our borders.

Here’s the video:

As Michael Kinsley once said “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.” But for Jan’s sake, let’s just call it something a little more vague — like a “freudian slip”.

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