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Immigrants And Their Allies Kick Off Nationwide “Day Without Immigrants” Strike

Today’s “Day Without Immigrants” strike appears to have started organically through social media and word of mouth in the local DC area, but the action has since spread like fire across the country. The strike — which encourages immigrants and their allies to take the day off from work, school, and shopping in protest of … Continue reading »

SPLC Annual Year in Hate Report: Center for Immigration Studies Is A Hate Group

Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center released its annual “Year in Hate and Extremism” report, which found 917 hate groups were operating in the United States in 2016. There are now 14 anti-immigrant groups listed, including, for the first time, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) was also named … Continue reading »

The Polling Is Clear: The American Public Likes Immigrants And Hates Donald Trump

Recent polling couldn’t be any clearer: Undocumented immigrants are popular with the American people. Donald Trump is not. “Virtually every recent poll shows that Americans believe that illegal immigrants currently living in the United States should be given a chance to remain here legally,” writes Karlyn Bowman in Forbes. Look no further than a massive … Continue reading »

3 Steps To Fight Against Trump’s Deportation Force

Last night, a disturbing report emerged from Seattle, Washington, where immigration authorities arrested and detained Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23-year-old DACA recipient. The DACA program, which temporarily shields beneficiaries from deportation, should have kept Daniel safe from Trump’s Deportation Force. Instead, the Trump Administration chose to disregard Daniel’s DACA status and arrested him anyway – sending … Continue reading »

Immigrants, Businesses Prepare For “A Day Without Immigrants” Strike In DC Tomorrow

On the heels of the “Day Without Latinos” strike in Wisconsin and the Yemeni-American grocers strike in New York City, immigrants will hold “A Day Without Immigrants” in Washington, DC tomorrow. The campaign — meant to show the impact immigrant workers have on the local and national economies — appears to have “largely spread through … Continue reading »

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Members Slam ICE For Backing Out Of Meeting On Deportation Raids

According to the Huffington Post, the Acting ICE Director backed out of a meeting with Congressional Hispanic Caucus members yesterday. Later that same day, Reuters broke the shocking news that the agency had arrested a DACA recipient in Seattle last week. We’d be ashamed to show our faces too. Advocates are currently fighting for the … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, February 15, 2017

English (en español al final de la página): Los Angeles Times: Federal immigration agents arrest a DACA-eligible ‘Dreamer’ in Seattle, lawsuit says By Matt Pearce and Kurtis Lee YubaNet: Cutting Through Confusion Around the Immigration Raids The Monitor (Editorial): EDITORIAL: US immigration raids stoke unnecessary fears Associated Press: US arrests Mexican immigrant ‘dreamer’ in Seattle … Continue reading »

David Leopold: These Are Your Rights In Case Of An ICE Raid

Immigration attorney David Leopold discusses the latest on ICE’s arrest and detention of DREAMER and DACA’mented immigrant Daniel Ramirez Madina and why it’s important to know your rights. Follow United We Dream for the latest information on Daniel’s case and use the hashtag #RaidWatch to report ICE activity in your community. Immigration attorney David Leopold discusses the … Continue reading »

More Personal Stories Emerging From ICE Actions That Have Swept Up Hundreds Of Undocumented Immigrants

More personal stories are emerging from the more than 680 undocumented immigrants that have been arrested by ICE agents since last week. As we noted earlier today, these coordinated ICE sweeps have spread fear and uncertainty in families and communities across America. While Donald Trump has claimed that he would target only “criminal aliens” for … Continue reading »