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This Tax Day, A Reminder that Implementing Immigration Executive Action Policies Would Be Good for Wisconsin

Unfortunately, State-Sponsored Lawsuit Keeping WI From Reaping the Benefits This year, the deadline for filing federal income taxes arrives on the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the U.S. v Texas immigration case. Tax Day is a reminder that for the good of our tax base, our overall economy, and millions … Continue reading »

Wisconsin Is On Fire (Politically Speaking)

Wisconsin has been on fire recently, politically speaking. Late last month, activists carrying signs reading “No Hate In Our State,” “First They Came For The Immigrants…” and “No Racism” were arrested protesting the Republican debate in Milwaukee. Now, some say all politics are local — and you don’t need to look any further than Racine, … Continue reading »

Dairy Farmer To Ted Cruz: Without Immigrants, There Would Be “A Crisis Across The Country In Our Industry”

Nationally, more than half of the nation’s 2.5 million seasonal farmworkers are undocumented. The simple fact is, without the back-breaking work of immigrants — undocumented and otherwise — there would not be food on our tables. It’s a fact lost among the toxic rhetoric of Republican candidates this election season. Farmworkers play a vital role … Continue reading »

“No Hate In Our State”: Wisconsinites Protest Trump As GOP Candidates To Debate In Milwaukee

Yesterday, six Wisconsin leaders were arrested after protesting in the lobby of a hotel scheduled to host a press conference by Donald Trump today. Tonight, the remaining Republican Presidential candidates — Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Ohio Governor John Kasich — are also set to participate in a televised town hall in Milhaukee. Holding … Continue reading »

Immigrants And Allies Rally In Six Cities Across Wisconsin Against Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Nearly a month after turning out 20,000 people in an action at the state capitol last month, immigrant community members and allies in Wisconsin appear to be on the cusp of a major victory in their state. According to Wisconsin group Voces de la Frontera, the State Senate is set to close their legislative session … Continue reading »

Immigration Local and State Report: Arizona, Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee, Wisconsin

Latinos and immigrants are mobilizing to defeat anti-immigrant legislation in key battleground states. Florida turned out hundreds of advocates to the Florida Capitol, where they were joined by Democrats and Republicans who pledged to oppose attacks on immigrant communities. In Wisconsin, thousands of people gathered at the state legislature to oppose legislation that would criminalize … Continue reading »

“A Day Without Latinos”: Massive Crowd Of 20,000 Floods Wisconsin Capitol To Protest Anti-Immigrant Legislation

After Pope Francis vs. Donald Trump yesterday, chances are you might have missed this incredible news coming out of Wisconsin. An estimated 20,000 Latinos, immigrants, and their allies from across the state walked out of their jobs and schools to mobilize against two anti-immigrant bills now sitting in the state legislature. Immigrant rights group Voces de … Continue reading »

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) Slams Wisconsin AG for Signing Onto States' Lawsuit

Wisconsin is one of the 24 states currently suing President Obama over executive action, despite the fact that the Badger State stands to gain $19 million over 5 years from increased tax revenue as a result of executive action.  Today, five-term Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) published a letter to Wisconsin’s Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen expressing her … Continue reading »

Costs & Consequences of Inaction on Immigration — Rep. Paul Ryan Risks His Own and the GOP’s Future

Republicans in the House of Representatives seem to be planning to run out the clock on immigration reform this Congress, to the detriment of the country, Wisconsin, and their own political interests. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and his fellow Republicans have offered weak excuses for their inaction, despite the fact that the … Continue reading »

#Fast4Families Bus Tour Visits Paul Ryan Town Hall in Wisconsin

The #Fast4Families bus tour is still going strong, and yesterday they stopped at a Paul Ryan town hall in Franklin, Wisconsin. Ryan often says sympathetic things about immigration reform, and agrees that current laws are broken.  But he’s also done next to nothing to push immigration legislation through the House, and echoes the GOP talking … Continue reading »