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Virginia Attorney General: VA DREAMers Will Qualify for In-State Tuition

Breaking news today: Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring has announced that DACA-recognized DREAMers living in Virginia will now qualify for in-state tuition rates when attending the state’s public colleges and universities. As Herring said in a press release: If the Commonwealth is to remain competitive in a global economy, we must embrace a strategy that maximizes … Continue reading »

Narrow Margin in Virginia Signals Asian and Latino Influence, Virginia DREAM Act and GOP Fate Hang in the Balance

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: Latino Decisions election eve polling shows 66% of Hispanics and 63% of Asian Americans voted for Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe. More specifically, an estimated 95,500 Hispanic and 51,000 Asian-Americans voted in the Virginia election, meaning that Asian and Hispanic voters provided a combined 95,160 votes for McAuliffe, contributing heavily to his slim 56,494 victory … Continue reading »

Polling & Election Results Show Anti-Immigrant Candidates Face Long Odds Given Demographic Realities

Virginia and New Jersey Offer Clear Lesson for National GOP in 2014 and Beyond on Immigration An election-eve poll of extremely likely Latino and Asian voters in Virginia, conducted by Latino Decisions and sponsored by America’s Voice and People For the American Way (PFAW), shows that what candidates say and do on immigration has a … Continue reading »

Casa in Action at Cuccinelli Concession Party: 'If GOP Doesn't Accept Citizenship, Then as a Party, They're Dead'

Ken Cuccinelli, the Virginia gubernatorial candidate who once compared immigrants to rats and called Steve King “one of my very favorite Congressmen,” conceded defeat to Democrat Terry McAuliffe last night, and immigration reform advocates from Casa in Action were there to remind the Republican Party why Cuccinelli had lost. According to the Washington Post liveblog: … Continue reading »

Election Day Lessons in NJ & VA – Latino & Asian Voters Prepared to Reward or Punish GOP on Immigration

For a Republican Party that is deciding whether to embrace or reject immigration reform this year, the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia show how two different models of Republican engagement on immigration can lead to two wildly different outcomes. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) is poised to coast to re-election and … Continue reading »

Poll of Virginia Latinos and Asians Shows GOP: Politics of Exclusion Will Cost You Elections

Cross-posted at Latino Decisions blog. With Election Day in Virginia today and the gubernatorial candidates’ positioning on immigration reform on stark display, a new election-eve poll, sponsored by America’s Voice, People for the American Way and Latino Decisions reveals how Virginia’s changing demographics are also changing the state’s politics. The polling data present a sign of things … Continue reading »

A Tale of Two Candidates: Pro-Immigrant Chris Christie Gains Ground With Latino Voters; Anti-Immigrant Ken Cuccinelli Not So Much

The gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia offer two different models for the national Republican Party on immigration reform and outreach to Latino voters.  Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) is pro-immigrant and doing well.  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) is anti-immigrant and heading towards defeat.  The results should speak loudly to a Republican Party that … Continue reading »

The Legacy of Anti-Immigrant Corey Stewart: How Prince William County Became An Electoral Bellwether

In advance of tomorrow’s elections in Virginia, the Washington Post profiled the critical importance of rapidly-changing Prince William County and its residents,  who “are the voters who will decide who is elected governor Tuesday”: All that growth has shifted the county’s political complexion, turning it from the last conservative stronghold in Northern Virginia — Prince … Continue reading »

Will GOP Follow Ken Cuccinelli & Steve King on Immigration or Embrace the “Hispanic Lifeline” of Reform?

Lessons in Virginia and California on Display for GOP, if They Are Willing to Look & Listen  Given the likely outcome, the Virginia governor’s race could be a sign of things to come for the GOP in 2014 when it comes to the politics of immigration.  Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s hardline immigration positions, including his … Continue reading »

National Journal: Demographic Changes Allow Terry McAuliffe to Embrace Progressive Politics in Virginia

Yesterday, Latino Decisions published a new presentation on immigration reform politics in California and what it means for Republicans there and the GOP nationwide.  We know the story well: in 1994, California Republicans pushed through a horribly anti-immigrant law (Prop 187) that drove Latinos into the arms of Democrats.  The progressive realignment that happened in California as … Continue reading »