This past May, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who may or may not be seeking the GOP presidential nomination, announced that he was engaging in a very GOP political stunt. He deployed 100 Virginia National Guard troops to the southern border to supposedly aid in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone... Continue »
The Biden administration and the Justice Department are taking decisive action against international fentanyl traffickers, from China to Mexico, to stop the deadly flow of fentanyl from taking the lives of Americans. Meanwhile, contemptible figures on the political right continue to daily peddle disinformation about the very real fentanyl... Continue »
The prevalence of synthetic fentanyl is a serious and urgent issue driving the grim record-breaking number of overdose deaths in America. It is a complex, multifaceted problem encompassing many issue areas, including trade, international crime syndicates, drug industry complicity, addiction, health care, and economic distress. But fentanyl is not... Continue »