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New Video, La Opinión Editorial Push Governor Brown to Sign CA TRUST Act

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We’ve written about the immigrant driver’s license bill in California, and our hopes that Governor Jerry Brown will sign it.  There’s also another bill pending that will make drastic improvements to the lives of immigrants–AB 4, also known as the TRUST Act, which will help protect immigrants from deportation when they have not committed any serious crimes.

Watch this video from Brave New Foundation to learn more about the TRUST Act:

Under the TRUST Act, local police would not cooperate with ICE to detain and jail immigrants who have not committed serious crimes.  Under current policy–as the video above shows–mothers, fathers, neighbors, and community members are often detained and deported after being pulled over for nothing more than a broken taillight.

Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed versions of the TRUST Act in the past, but this year’s version includes alterations “that should ensure that the governor signs the bill,” as an editorial from La Opinión put it today.

The editorial continues:

Now that the undocumented will soon be able to drive with specially marked licenses, it is important for them not to be exposed to the arbitrary treatment of local police officers who tend to turn harmless people over to ICE, as is happening now.

We join 51 university researchers, 28 Democrats in Congress and the police chiefs of San Diego, Chula Vista and San Francisco, who have called for Governor Brown to sign the legislation. Now it is Brown’s turn to do the right thing.

To take action, call (916) 445-2841 and tell Governor Brown to sign the TRUST Act.