Cornyn Amendment Attacks Path to Citizenship, Rubio Moves Erode Trust in Him, Sessions Stalling Tactics Bring Senate Floor Process to a Crawl The Senate immigration reform debate began this week, ushered in by a resounding 84-15 vote on the Motion to Proceed.  Buoyed by polls that show broad bipartisan... Continue »
Once again, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is leading the charge to undermine immigration reform. As our Executive Director here at America’s Voice Frank Sharry has noted, Cornyn has played that role before, the last time immigration reform legislation was debated in 2006-2007. This time, Cornyn is planning to introduce a... Continue »
The weeping family members of deportees met with Rep. Gutierrez and other Congressmembers this week, and President Obama is facing protests in California today over his deportation policies, but apparently Jeff Sessions actually believes that “nobody” is being deported from the US anymore. “The federal government has reached a point... Continue »
There’s been a lot of news about Senator John Cornyn’s plans to introduce a poison pill border security amendment when the Gang of 8 immigration bill hits the floor next week. This afternoon, Greg Sargent reports on a very important development: Senate Democrats aren’t going along with Cornyn. They... Continue »
Update: Right now, Sessions and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) are tag-teaming about the virtue of legal immigrants versus those who are undocumented immigrants.  Funny, because earlier this week a Sessions staffer, Danielle Cutrona was on a NumbersUSA call where a speaker came out against LEGAL immigration.  It looks like... Continue »
Update: King’s amendment passed 224-201.  Seven Republicans voted no, four Democrats voted yes.  More analysis on what’s next and what this means, forthcoming. Last night, Steve King renewed his push to drive Republicans off the demographic cliff, by introducing a hateful amendment to a homeland security appropriations bill (HR... Continue »
The following is a press statement from United We DREAM: DREAMers Challenge Sen. Cornyn’s Hypocritical Maneuvering Intended to Kill Immigration Bill WASHINGTON, D.C.– With news today that Senator Cornyn plans to introduce sweeping changes to the border security provisions of the Senate immigration reform, attacking the already heavily negotiated... Continue »
There he goes again.  Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is up to his old tricks on immigration.  POLITICO reports that Senator Cornyn will introduce a “sweeping amendment to the immigration bill when it goes to the floor next week, seeking to replace an entire section devoted to border security and tweak the national... Continue »
The anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA, a creation of white nationalist John Tanton, held a webcast yesterday during which a speaker admitted their full reason for opposing immigration reform—because they believe that all immigration is bad for America. The call featured Robert Rector, now of ‘I wrote a paper with a guy... Continue »
The Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill will likely move to the Senate floor next week, and if there’s one person who’s been in front of the charge to delay and stall the bill, it’s Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (R-AL). A profile by Jordan Fabian at ABC/Univision today goes... Continue »