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Immigration & National Security Experts Discuss Trump’s SOTU Address; Family Separation Hearings; Possible National Emergency Declaration

A recording of the call is available here. Earlier today immigration and national security experts and advocates gathered on a press call to discuss Trump’s State of the Union address, as well as the first oversight hearing on the Trump Administration’s family separation policy, and a potential national emergency declaration. Ur Jaddou, Director of DHS … Continue reading »

ICYMI Texas Monthly: For Trump, Texas is a Backdrop, a Prop, Set-Decoration and Nothing More

Read piece here Austin, TX – There have been a number of powerful responses to the President’s lies about crime, immigration and border issues in El Paso, Texas during his State of the Union address.  In a piece published in Texas Monthly yesterday, Chris Hooks outlines just how President Trump has used Texas as a … Continue reading »

Hypocrisy of the Trump Administration on Full Display Before Family Separation Hearings

Last night, Albertina Contreras Teletor and Yakelin Garcia Contreras, a mother and daughter who were separated at the southern border due to the administration’s family separation policy, sat in the House gallery as guests of Senator Jeff Merkley for the State of the Union address. Albertina and Yakelin listened as Trump described the beauty of … Continue reading »

Americans Siding with Victorina and Sandra Rather Than Trump’s Ugly and Unpersuasive Anti-Immigrant Rants

The reviews are in and the reviews are harsh for President Trump’s State of the Union address – particularly the predictable disconnect between the White House’s pre-speech spin that it would be a unifying speech and the speech’s actual same old ugly and unpersuasive anti-immigrant focus (a “Stephen Miller special” as America’s Voice Deputy Director … Continue reading »

Pili Tobar: “Another Stephen Miller Special”

The following is a statement from Pili Tobar (Twitter: @pilitobar87), Deputy Director of America’s Voice, regarding tonight’s State of the Union address: So much for supposed calls for bipartisanship and cooperation. Tonight’s address was another Stephen Miller special, heavy on lies and fear-mongering about immigrants. Even though Miller’s anti-immigrant policies have backfired on Republicans time … Continue reading »

We Agree with White House Spin: America is Unified on Topic of Immigration (Firmly Against Trump, Miller & Xenophobia)

The White House is busy spinning that the impending Stephen Miller-authored State of the Union address will lead to unity and consensus across ideologies. For once, we mostly agree with the White House: but the growing unity and national consensus is strongly against Trump, Miller and xenophobia and the larger nativist worldview that will be … Continue reading »

Vicki & Sandra are going to the State of the Union!

Victorina Morales and Sandra Diaz are undocumented housekeepers who formerly worked at Donald Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. When they worked there, they cleaned the president’s house and did his laundry, while enduring physical and verbal abuse. They say the Trump Organization knew they were undocumented — and provided them with papers and … Continue reading »

Immigrants at SOTU Will Spotlight Real Security and Humanitarian Consequences of Trump Immigration Policy

As Trump prepares to give his State of the Union address next week, immigrants who will be attending as guests in the U.S. House Chamber will cast a shadow on Trump’s unrelenting push for another government shutdown over funding for his unpopular and unnecessary border wall. Victorina Morales and Sandra Diaz, former undocumented employees of … Continue reading »

“Divider in Chief” on Immigration – Observers Condemn Trump’s Dark Immigration Vision

Last night’s State of the Union address, punctuated by riffs on immigration that were ugly and cynical, showed that President Trump is more interested in sowing division than in forging unity. Leading observers are highlighting similar points: Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post: On cue came the meat of the speech: Demonizing immigrants. When he declared, “Struggling … Continue reading »

Here’s How Advocates Reacted to Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union speech tonight, and it was as anti-immigrant as many had predicted. He touted an immigration proposal that would slash legal immigration by unprecedented levels while turbo-charging the Administration’s deportation force. He demonized immigrants and used tragedies to justify rounding up Latino families. He told the nation … Continue reading »