La inclusión del lenguaje que proveería una ruta a la legalización en el plan presupuestario del Senado abre otro capítulo, esta vez durante la presidencia del demócrata Joe Biden, de la carrera maratónica con obstáculos que ha sido y es la búsqueda de una reforma migratoria que regularice a... Continue »
Vote recommendations From America’s Voice    Today, the Senate considers amendments to the bipartisan infrastructure package. Reportedly, at least two Republican amendments will attempt to add additional immigration-related measures to the legislation. One, offered by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), would require contractors to use the flawed E-Verify employment verification... Continue »
If Donald Trump’s Republican Party is engaged in a full-frontal assault on democracy, against minorities’ right to vote, and against the protection of this right for their own citizens, can anyone expect, then, that they would want to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, especially if said legalization confers the... Continue »
On DACA’s ninth anniversary, Sun-Times columnist and bureau chief calls out Republicans for blocking progress on Dream and Promise Act Washington, DC – Lynn Sweet, leading political columnist and longtime observer of politics, called out Republicans yesterday in the Chicago Sun Times for ignoring the plight of DREAMers in... Continue »