***MEDIA AVAILABILITY*** ***America’s Voice Available for Interviews at the Democratic National Convention*** Washington, DC – With the final night of the Republican National Convention behind us, below are the major takeaways about where Mitt Romney’s Republican Party stands on immigrants and immigration reform: 1.  Primary and Platform Immigration Positions Hold:  Despite predictions that Mitt Romney… Continue »

At a lunchtime panel with the Hispanic Leadership Network, Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, and Jeb Bush sat down to talk about being governor of their respective states, and interestingly, how to talk to Latino voters about immigration. While Jeb Bush has consistently been moderate on immigration, both Martinez and Sandoval have mishandled the issue in… Continue »

Cross-posted at Latino Decisions and Latino Vote Matters: Florida is rich in electoral votes, party competition, and ethnic diversity, making it one of the most interesting states to watch during presidential elections. Republican Senator Marco Rubio adds yet another compelling element to the state political narrative during this election cycle.  Frequently mentioned as a potential running mate for Governor… Continue »

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) continues to criticize the President’s smart move to protect DREAM-eligible young people from deportation—despite clear similarities between Obama’s action and the bill Rubio has talked about introducing for months.  In an interview with Florida reporters, Rubio said the Obama program will end up binge a “bureaucratic nightmare” and make it more… Continue »

Senator Criticizes Obama Plan to Protect DREAMers Instead of Offering a Legislative Solution                                                                                     … Continue »

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida  – El senador republicano de Florida, Marco Rubio, lamentó que el tema migratorio se utilice como “ping-pong” por ambas partes del espectro político evitando así una solución real, y aseguró que su idea legislativa a largo plazo para los Soñadores, engavetada sin ser presentada, no tenía la intención de influenciar la… Continue »

La prueba de la solución temporal estará en la implementación WASHINGTON – ¿Quién dice que la perseverancia no rinde frutos? Tras levantarme con la noticia de que finalmente, tras más de diez años de fallidos intentos legislativos y casi dos años de presión al presidente Barack Obama para que ampara a los DREAMers o Soñadores… Continue »

As the media buzz around Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and his impending “DREAM Act lite” continues, important questions remain about what the bill will look like and what its legislative chances will be. As Alex Leary writes today in the Tampa Bay Times of the impending Rubio bill: It’s one of the most hyped bills… Continue »

As Time Magazine Profiles DREAM Act-Eligible Youth, Doubts About Rubio Legislation Viability Makes Case for Executive Action As the media buzz around Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and his impending conservative version of the DREAM Act continues unabated, important questions remain about the bill’s specific content and its legislative viability. As Alex Leary writes today in… Continue »