Cross-posted from Center for American Progress with Latino Decisions: With the window for immigration reform legislation in the House of Representatives rapidly closing, Latino Decision’s new polling of Latino voters conducted for the Center for American Progress Action Fund finds unequivocally that this community wants reform to happen before the... Continue »
Instead of Pushing for an Immigration Reform that the Majority of Coloradans Support, Colorado Republicans All SupportAnother Extremist Measure from Fringe Congressman Steve King (R-IA) Denver, CO – While House Republicans continue to trot out weak excuses for not putting a bipartisan immigration reform bill to a vote, they... Continue »
Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: As the Obama administration looks to revamp the Secure Communities program that has allowed local law enforcement to help the federal government identify undocumented immigrants for deportation, we focus our attention on the Latino Decisions blog to the relationship deportation has on Latino political behavior through multiple... Continue »
Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: Also read the New York Times story by Julia Preston:  Young Immigrants Growing Disenchanted With Both Parties The United States government has been deporting large numbers of undocumented migrants as of late (see Figure 1 below), and the majority of them are Latino. In addition... Continue »
The GOP has a demographic problem because they are alienating voters they could be winning with their opposition to issues like immigration reform.  This year, the GOP’s worst-case scenario is a possibility in Colorado, where the famously anti-immigrant former Congressman Tom Tancredo is running for governor.  Party leaders are deathly afraid... Continue »
An ad running in the Mother’s Day edition of the Denver Post names Colorado House Republicans Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman as blocking immigration reform that would keep thousands of Colorado immigrant families together. The half-page ad,  running in this Sunday’s paper, features a message from the children of... Continue »
House Republican Primaries in NC and OH Demolish Myth of Backlash Against Pro-Reform Republicans Yesterday’s primaries in North Carolina and Ohio proved, once again, that the supposed strength of the nativist wing of the GOP is more myth than reality.  The results show that the vaunted anti-immigrant movement is... Continue »
A new post published on the Latino Decisions website, “Immigration Legislation or Executive Action Will Shape Latino Vote,”  compiles recent and relevant polling on Latino voters to show how their views and political behavior are shaped by immigration issues.  The analysis, from Latino Decisions’ David Damore and Thomas Schaller,... Continue »
To Date, Boehner and House Leadership All Hat, No Cattle on Immigration Reform  According to a report from Laura Meckler in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) recently told a Las Vegas audience of industry donors that when it comes to immigration reform... Continue »
As we wrote about here, Paul Ryan narrowly missed sharing the stage with Steve King during a fundraiser in Iowa last Friday.  But that’s beside the point when Ryan has voted with Steve King on key anti-immigrant provisions like the latter’s amendment to deport DREAMers, and is a member... Continue »