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Gov. Pat McCrory

Republicans a No-Show at Major Latino Election Event

Cooper and Ross in attendance, but where were McCrory and Burr? On Sunday afternoon, the North Carolina Congress of Latino Organizations (NCCLO) hosted its candidate forum with over 1,000 representatives from statewide Latino organizations. Seemingly, the only people missing were Governor McCrory and Senator Burr who, despite repeated invitations, declined to even send a representative. The … Continue reading »

Too Little Too Late; Senator Burr and Governor McCrory Enabled Trump’s Rise and Should Share In His Fall

Raleigh, NC—The following is a statement from Tim Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice: “After a year of supporting Donald Trump and fueling his rise to power, Senator Richard Burr and Governor Pat McCrory have been quick to distance themselves from this latest scandal involving Trump’s disgusting and predatory comments that came to light on Friday. … Continue reading »

For First General Election Presidential Debate, North Carolina Latino Organizations Will Host Phone Banks and Watch Parties

Latino organizations are gathering for a phone bank to Latino voters ahead of the first general election presidential debate. Following the phone bank, organization members and allies will watch the debate live on Univision. The events will be open to press, and participants in the phone bank and debate watch party will be available for … Continue reading »

Party Over Patriotism: McCrory and Burr Silent on Trump’s Attack on Gold Star Family

In the fallout over Donald Trump’s disgraceful attacks on the Gold Star parents of a fallen war hero, one thing is notably absent: a response from both Governor McCrory and Senator Burr. As Trump continues to insult Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Muslim parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, all political leaders, regardless of their party, must condemn and … Continue reading »

It’s Official: Governor McCrory and Senator Burr Fully Embrace Trump Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Meanwhile at DNC, Undocumented Immigrants Take the Stag On Monday night, Governor McCrory and Senator Richard Burr joined Donald Trump on stage for a rally in Winston-Salem, ending months of speculation surrounding their support for him. It is clear now that McCrory and Burr have fully embraced Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda for the country, and they will be his … Continue reading »

Carry On, Nothing to See Here: Senator Burr, Governor McCrory Backtrack on Pledge To Skip Donald Trump Coronation

Over the past weeks, in a ploy to appeal to moderate voters, both Senator Richard Burr and Governor Pat McCrory repeatedly said they would not attend the Republican National Convention. In a striking reversal, both officials traveled to Cleveland this week to support the coronation of Donald Trump. Though Burr and McCrory have gone to great lengths … Continue reading »

Three Days After Orlando Tragedy, Donald Trump Descends on Greensboro Peddling Fear, Hate, and Division

Senator Burr and Governor McCrory Follow Trump Down the Rabbit Hole In the wake of the worst mass-shooting in American history, as the faces of the 49 men and women who were killed in Orlando make their way across social media, and the nation struggles to come to terms with the reality that their smiles, hopes, and … Continue reading »

Senator Richard Burr and Governor McCrory Are With Trump

Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the leader of the GOP.  Previously, Senator Burr has stated he would support the Republican nominee no matter who it is. Now is the time for Senator Burr to let North Carolinians know if he is #withTrump?  Unless he follows the lead of Senator Ben Sasse and unequivocally … Continue reading »

Activists And Community Members Protest Anti-Immigrant Law In North Carolina

On Wednesday the state of North Carolina succumbed to the #TrumpEffect, as Governor Pat McCrory signed into law HB 318 – a harsh anti-immigrant law that promises to make the lives of immigrants even more insufferable. Today, I signed a bill to end sanctuary cities in North Carolina and uphold the rule of law. #ncpol … Continue reading »

North Carolina Gov. McCrory Signed Harsh Anti-immigrant HB 318 Today

Today, the Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, signed an onerous and vindictive anti-immigrant bill into law – at a public signing ceremony, no less: At a public signing ceremony, he put his name to HB318, a highly controversial bill taking aim at immigration and food assistance. The bill prevents local municipalities from adopting “sanctuary … Continue reading »