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Marco Rubio Is Not The Senator Florida Needs

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This morning, Senator Marco Rubio announced his campaign for re-election with a statement that on paper reads well. He certainly captures the importance of this moment in time and the country’s need for principled and persuasive leaders in Congress. But, having flip-flopped on nearly every major issue in the past six years, Marco Rubio is clearly not one of those leaders.

Where was he when it was time to forge consensus and defend his own immigration reform bill? How can we expect him to stand up for the LGBT community in the wake of the Orlando shooting after he refused to support immigration benefits for LGBT partners?

How can we trust him to stand up during a potential Donald Trump presidency, when he has refused to rescind his support for the likely nominee? This refusalspeaks volumes and aligns Rubio’s own poor record on immigration with Trump’s agenda to deport every undocumented immigrant and millions of American citizen children – a policy that insults not just Latinos, but every person who knows the important contributions of immigrants.

What has Sen. Rubio actually done for Floridians, other than fail to be the principled leader so many hoped he would be?

The truth is that Sen. Rubio has often chosen the easier political path in public service, including during today’s announcement. After nearly two weeks of teasing voters with the daily novela of “will he, won’t he,” he only announced after a Quinnipiac poll had him beating both his primary and general election challengers.

For six years, Floridians have waited for the promise of Marco Rubio to be realized. His words may sound great, but his deeds are not worth sending him back to back to Washington.